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Tri-Corner | 16/1/15

Tri Logo 2Martin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship Auckland
First Big race of the year this Sunday – good luck to any ANZA members taken part

Preview of Upcoming Races
Selection of key races coming up that members should be considering signing up and training for:

Metasprint Aquathlon – The Metasprint series is 3 sprint races held in Singapore. You can take part in all 3 or pick and choose.  Great for those starting the sport and also good for those wanting to focus on their speed work.  Busy but well organized.  First up is the Aquathlon taking place on 8 Feb

Bintan – 23-24 May – a great festival of tri – get signed up now and also sort your accommodation out asap

Putrajaya, Malaysia 70.3 – 5 April.  A hot one and a chance to win a slot the 70.3 World Champs in Austria later this year.  Time to register and sort transport/hotels

Vietnam 70.3 – May 10.  A new event which has generated a lot of interest.  A great one to take the family to as well.

Tri-Corner | 12/12/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

WA Ironman

A combination of the weather conditions and strong international fields led to some fast racing at SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia last Sunday

In the men’s race Frenchman Denis Chevrot was the last man standing (8hr 5 min) , while the women’s race honours went to New Zealand’s Britta Martin in a new race-best 8:56

Once again , ANZA cycling were well represented with some excellent performances.  Race of the day coming from Roger Hastie who swam the 3.8k around the iconic jetty in 58 mins; biked the 180k course in 4hr 54mins and polished it off with a 3 hr 21 mins marathon. Incredible performance!

Selected times with age group positions

Roger Hastie 9:20 (4th)
Dean Campbell 10:57 (29th)
Peter Bennett 11:37  (51st)

That’s is pretty much the last big race of the year.  Time for some R&R over the Christmas holidays….

Tri-Corner | 05/12/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

Challenge Phuket 70.3
Swiss Olympian Ruedi Wild (4hr 02mins) produced a clockwork performance once again at last Sundays Challenge Laguna Phuket. Melissa Hauschildt (AUS) finished first female and led her fellow women athletes by more than 10 minutes.  A field of about 550 individual pro and age group athletes representing 40 nationalities jumped into the waters of Bangtao Bay to tackle the 1.9km swim, followed by a 90km bike ride and a 21km run.

A superb performance from ANZA member Guillaume Rondy with a 4:46 finish and earning him 3rd place in his age group

WA Ironman
Good luck to all those taking part in this weekend’s Western Australia Ironman.

Tri-Corner | 28/11/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

Lots of racing last weekend and some great performances from ANZA members both In Singapore and at the tri festival in Phuket

East Coast Park hosted the Singapore National Duathlon Championships.  Some super performances across many of the categories. Selected results (with age group position and time)

Colin Ives 5th 2:08

Kathryn Campbell 1st 1:16
Megan kinder 3rd 1:21

Jack Grant  2nd 36:54

Jackson Campbell 1st 21:35

Laguna Phuket Triathlon
Once again Phuket didn’t disappoint with a fantastic race.  The sun was out and conditions were great for the unique 1.9k swim over 2 stretches of water; a pretty technical 50k bike ride which featured the infamous Naithon hills and then took a new route through some villages (and even through a prison!); finishing off with a scorching run over the golf course and the Laguna estate.  The mens title was taken jointly by Massimo Cigano and Alberto Casadei, both from Venice, Italy with a dead heat time of 2 hrs 33mins. Parys Edwards from Australia was the female winner in  2hrs 54mins.

A sizeable contingent from Singapore made the trip up and we saw some great performances from ANZA members against a very strong field.  Performance of the day goes to Vanessa Colless who won her age group and was 7th overall Female.

The main event, of course, was the legendary Awards Party – it is expected that hangovers will be clearing up for those who plan to take part in the Challenge Phuket race this coming Sunday – good luck to those taking part.

image001Selected results (with age group position and time)
Vanessa Colless 1st 3:09 (7th Overall)
Vicky Hill 2nd 3:20
Wendy Wilcox 4th 3:33
Martin Reynolds 7th 3:15
Ruth Stubbs 8th 4:00
Liz Reynolds 14th 4:31
Alexander Kolb 16th 3:11

Tri-Corner | 21/11/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

Ballarat Ironman 70.3

The inaugural race in Western Victoria, Australia  saw Michael Raelert take the men’s win in 3hr 48mins and Melanie Mcquaid take the women’s honours in 4hrs 19mins.

ANZA were represented by Colin O’Shea with a superb time of 4hrs 40mins, placing 9th in his age group in a very strong field. Next years race will take place on December 13th 2015

Vietnam 70.3

A new race has just been announced – Ironman 70.3 Vietnam.  Date is 10th May 2015. Registrations open now.  Based in the coastal city of Denang

And Finally…
Good luck to those heading up to Phuket.  A week of triathlon fun awaits, with the ‘classic’ Laguna Phuket Triathlon this Sunday and The Challenge Laguna Phuket race (70.3) the following Sunday

Tri-Corner | 14/11/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

Away from the fun at Tour de Bintan, there was a bit of multi sport action, including a couple of podiums for ANZA members

Mandurah 70.3
Huge congratulations to Francesca Occhipinti who completed her first Ironman 70.3 at the inaugural half ironman at Manurah, Western Australia with a very strong time of 5hr 56mins

2XU Ultra Biathlon
For those of you who remember the NUS Triathlon a few years ago where athletes on the bike course had to observe the traffic lights (which were aggressively enforced by security guards!) you would of loved this race.

Pleasant skies and a flat sea welcomed a strong gathering of Biathletes who congregated at changi ferry park for the inaugural 2XU Biathlon last Sunday.

Fears over the quality of organization were raised on entering transition – which were just a few hooks on stands – resembling more of a busy primary schools cloakroom once loaded up with athletes transition bags.

Doubts further increased  upon viewing the swim course which consisted of 3 buoys which appeared to be made up of a series of inflated black rubbish bags.  The 3 lap course looked long for the 2k swim – but we were all sure that the organisers had done their job and it was correctly marked out

The 7.30am start time came and went – no announcements, no-one appeared to be in charge.  Then a man popped up at the start line and tried to brief the crowd – no mic/megaphone – so to all but those on the front line he could have been saying anything. 7.50am comes and – bingo! – a horn sounds and that probably means we are off.

Into the swim and all starts off well with the normal washing machine of arms and legs of athletes jostling for position.  After a couple of laps it was very apparent that the course was getting longer and longer. The reason for this (unbeknown to most people at the time) was that the ‘bin bag buoys’ weren’t correctly secured into position and started to wander out to sea. Swimmers – not being able to sight correctly – were all over the place – causing a number of head on collisions.

Having targeted a sub 40 min swim I was somewhat cursing my swimming skills when I exited the water at 58 mins!  But looking back at the water and seeing the ‘bin bag buoys’ heading off to Pulau Ubin and swimmers staggering around exhausted, it was all becoming clear! Consensus from those wearing GPS watches was the swim was 3.3k!!!

Dash to transition and fortunately found my transition bag in the ‘carnage cloakroom’  and onto the run. Run was flat and was a 2 looper down change straight and then into the Changi park. Although the distance was accurately marked for the run, the organisers made up for this with no distance markers and very few and poorly staffed drinks stations.  At the end of the run even the inflatable finish line ‘banner’ had gone the way of the bin bags….

A few unhappy campers also had issues with a  lack of canoe for leading swimmers; poor plastic medals; no prize giving ceremony.

In summary, variable distances may be a novel addition to the race scene, but the organisers need to step up significantly to regain their reputation, particularly to address the swim which could of led to significant safety issues.

Results and age group positions
Standard (1.5k Swim/10k run)

Colin O’Shea – 1st 1hr 10 mins

Ultra  (2k Swim/21k run)
Martin Reynolds – 2nd  2hrs 40 mins

Tri-Corner | 24/10/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

It’s the time of the for many triathletes who are both focused on the last few races of the year and planning for 2015.  I have started to compile a list of some selected races that may interest ANZA cycling members.  Most people will have their personal plan of attack and favourites.  For those who would like some steer – feel free to consider:

Newbie? – New to triathlon or considering taking it up? Consider the Metasprint Series starting in February.  Also the Trifactor series is another good introduction

OD? – Fancy pushing it up to Olympic Distance ? Have a look at the Bintan tri In May.  Port Dickson is a popular OD, plus a number of very busy ones in Singapore

Half? – Want to crank the distance up a bit more? Lots of 70.3’s and Challenge Half’s around.  Busselton in May is a great, flat, race with a coolish climate (PB’s virtually guaranteed), if you like it a bit warmer then have a look at Putrajaya in April

Ironman? – Fancy going the whole distance? The only ones that don’t require a flight are Metaman and Ironman Langkawi. A few others (in slightly cooler climates) in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and lots in Aus/NZ including Melbourne and Bussulton

Euro? – Heading off to Europe next Summer? A few ANZA members are heading out to Nice in France in June.  Also check out Challenge Roth and Ironman Switzerland in July

Rustic? – Do you consider water stations, timing chips and first aid tents a luxury? Check out the Desaru Half, Kenyir lake or the Sungailliat triathlon

Family Friendly? – Do you need to bribe the family with a holiday in order to train? Have a look at Bintan in May, Metaman (also Bintan) In August, Gold Coast in August and Phuket (November and December)

Please note that this is just a selection and not all dates are confirmed so please don’t assume these are accurate or final.

18        Asia Pacific 70.3, Auckland

1          Challenge Melbourne

14        Metasprint aquathlon
8          70.3 geelong, Australia
21        Challenge Philippines
22        Challenge Wanaka, NZ

7          Ironman NZ
8          70.3 subic bay Philippines
15        Metasprint duathlon
22        Ironman Asia Pacific championships, Melbourne

29        Challenge Half Batemans bay
TBC    Tri factor swim
TBC    Singapore urbanathlon
TBC    Abu Dhabi international triathlon
TBC    Kenyir lake international triathlon
TBC    Trifam sprint aquathlon
TBC    Penang international triathlon and duathlon
TBC    Laguna lang co triathlon, Vietnam
TBC    NUS biathlon, singapore

5          Putrajaya 70.3, Malaysia
12        Ironman Taiwan
19        Metasprint triathlon
25        Challenge Taiwan
TBC    Sungailliat triathlon, Indonesia

2          70.3 Busselton
3          Ironman Australia
23-24   Bintan triathlon
TBC    Tri factor swim
TBC    Milo youth triathlon

7          70.3 japan
14        70.3 cairns
14        Ironman cairns
14        yellow cab challenge Camsur
28        Ironman France, Nice
TBC    Tri factor bike
TBC    Port Dickson triathlon
TBC    Singapore aquathlon

12        Challenge Roth
29        Ironman Switzerland

2          70.3 Philippines
23        Ironman japan
TBC    Norseman
TBC    Singapore international triathlon
TBC    Metaman Full, Half and Blitz
TBC    Challenge Gold Coast
TBC    MY Duathlon, Ipoh

13        70.3 Sunshine Coast
TBC    Tri factor triathlon
TBC    70.3 world championships, USA
TBC    Vietnam international triathlon

TBC      Desaru Half

10        Kona ironman World Championships
TBC    Singapore duathlon
TBC    Powerman Malaysia
TBC    70.3 Korea

TBC    70.3 Taiwan
TBC    Laguna Phuket triathlon
TBC    Sarawak international triathlon, Malaysia
14        Ironman langkawi

TBC    Challenge half Phuket
TBC      Busselton Ironman

Tri-Corner | 03/10/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

Race News

Singapore Aquathlon

Well done to all those who took part in the Singapore National Aquathlon Championships last weekend.  A large and strong turnout by the looks of it and some sparkling performances from ANZA members.  Selected ANZA times and age group positions:

Wendy Wilcox, 1st 1:25
Ruth Stubbs, 7th 1:33
Thomas Burford –Taylor, 6th 1:14
Peter Bennett, 28th 1:27

Kari Nore, 2nd, 43:02
Kathryn Campbell, 3rd, 43:28

Jackson Campbell, 2nd, 7:27

Langkawi Ironman
The Europeans prospered best in the heat and humidity to dominate when Ironman made a successful return to Malaysia last Saturday. Patrick Nilsson from Sweden was first over the line with 8hrs: 41mins.  Followed by compatriot and Phuket based Freddy Cronenborg with 8:58.  Diana Riseler from Germany took the ladies prize with a time of 9:26

A strong Singapore contingent, including a couple of ANZA members, made the journey up to Langkawi for one of the toughest races on the circuit

From a personal perspective, this was by far the most grueling race I have taken part in.

The Swim – conditions were perfect. No chop as we started out in the harbour with a very novel rolling start (where your time started when you crossed the start line – thus avoiding the mass brawl sea starts – take note Singapore/Bintan) .  A straight out and back swim meant sighting was easy and good times to be had.  I was delighted with a 1 hour 13 swim.  I avoided the jelly fish – but many didn’t – including one of the pre race favourites, Cameron Brown, who was stung and suffered an allergic reaction during the bike at 120km and had to retire

The Bike – This was very nasty. A few decent hills to start with followed by a bit of flat.  Just when I was getting into some kind of rhythm came the lumpy hills branded as the “Red Bull Tough Zone” – enough said really.  The sun came out in force on the bike and energy supplies were quickly drained. During the tough zone I passed James Clarke from Journey Fitness who was taken out on the bike by another competitor  who went over the centre line and hit him in a head on collision – leading to a broken collar bone for poor James.  A 90 minute wait for an ambulance and zero communication to his wife who was back in town waiting for him was not good and the organisers need to look at their medical and comms support going forward.  As I started the 2nd lap of the course, I really started to struggle here.  The many miles and hours of training on RTI’s, Batam, Desaru and Bintan were simply not enough for this terrain and climate. I completed the 180km bike ride in 6 hours 4 mins and was completely exhausted – but happy to be off the bike

The Run – The brutal heat and humidity was now very apparent and the flat, totally exposed 4 lap run course was pure survival. The aid stations were well equipped and had big tanks of iced water for athletes to douse themselves with to try and keep cool – some people were even getting into the tanks it was so hot!  I kept it together knowing that an Ironman race doesn’t really start until 20km into the run and started passing a number of people who were all over the place, many walking, staggering, throwing up, cramping – the lot.  Those midday runs on the green corridor started to pay dividends now.  I finished the run in just over 4hrs and got an overall PB and top 10 placing in my age group which I was delighted with.

Overall – I would say this was a good race for those who like it hot and hilly. An OK location – in southern Langkawi rather than by the 5 star beach hotels up north –  we stayed at the Westin hotel which was very, very good – but think it was the only decent place to stay at in the south . Well organized (apart from the medical support) and decent ‘after party’ on the beach the next evening – which is the important bit!

Well done to Singapore based athletes Tim Cosulich and Assad Attamimi who both came first in their respective age groups and qualified for the world championships in Hawaii

ANZA times and age group positions:
Martin Reynolds, 9th, 11:35
Patrick Osswald, 27th, 13:26

Tri-Corner | 19/09/14

ImageMartin Reynolds | Triathlon Director

Ironman 70.3 – Sunshine Coast

Last weekend, two-time Olympian Courtney Atkinson (03:45) withstood Australian ITU star Dan Wilson in a sprint finish to claim the men’s honours at IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast, with defending champion Pete Jacobs (03:47), with his focus firmly on Hawaii, content with third. In the women’s race, Caroline Steffen (04:12) out-pointed former short course star Czech Radka Vodickova (04:16) with an emphatic run with defending champion, New Zealand’s, Gina Crawford (04:19) rounding out the podium. Swim was calm, and weather was perfect by all accounts

A couple of great performances from ANZA members with Dean Campbell (4:49) and Stephen Duerden (4:59) both breaking the 5 hour mark – nice!

Open water swim this Saturday with Athlete Lab

Saturday 20th September 15:00 – 17:00. Frequency:  Where: Tanjong Beach, Sentosa  (meet at Life Guard tower – bikes/bags can be left there). Athlete Lab Coach: Wilson (98784113). Open and no cost to ANZA cycling members. Just turn up and introduce yourself to Wilson.

For those that are yet to enjoy the fun of swimming in Sentosa, this is a great opportunity to get experience of swimming in the sea, with high quality coaching helping you with techniques such as drafting; entry/exit strategies, pointing etc.  Open to all abilities, and it’s in a sheltered bay so very little chop and your friends, family can also keep an eye on you whilst enjoying the drinks and the sounds from Tanjong beach club.