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Bike Fit | The perfect xmas present?

Christmas is rapidly approaching and some of you may be wondering what to give the lycra wearer of the house…  Can we suggest a proper, professional Bike Fit as an excellent present option.


A comprehensive bike fit is an investment – you can’t get one for $50 or in 30 minutes – but it is also an investment that will pay off for as long as you ride bikes. Some of the most obvious benefits including:

  • Improved Comfort & Lower Chance of Injury
    A good bike fitting takes into account your individual biomechanics and makes sure your joints and muscles are held in neutral and biomechanically “friendly” positions. Like a favorite chair that supports you well, a biomechanically neutral position minimizes joint and muscle load. This results in greater comfort and minimizes the likelihood of repetitive use injuries and muscle imbalances.
  • Improved Performance
    When your body is set in a position that encourages a full range of muscle engagement and balanced muscle recruitment, you will produce better power (ride faster) and have better endurance.
  • Improved Technique
    Have you ever seen yourself ride? Very few of us ever learned how to ride a bike beyond learning how to balance while pedaling. Cycling is as technique based as any sport and the better your technique the easier and more comfortable it is to ride. A good bike fit has a heavy coaching and visual element and can help you see and learn techniques in a matter of hours that take years for most riders to learn. This helps a newer rider avoid developing bad habits and it helps riders of all experience levels gain a better understanding of how their bike and body interact.

Toby Jones at Bike Fit Asia is known in the region as being one of the foremost experts in this field. Within the ANZA peleton, the likes of Megan Kinder, Don, Peter Bennett, Alex Robertson and ultra-rider Ned can all attest to the value of Toby’s fit.  Toby is an experienced fitter with over 8 years of bike fitting experience and one of the very few Steve Hogg certified fitters in the world.

ANZA Cycling have struck a special deal with Toby for our members.

A special  ‘pre-fit assessment’ will be available to ANZA members. This is a ‘taster’ session where you will discover the key underlying problems/issues in your position and how they may be compromising function/movement/comfort and limiting performance. These special sessions will be made available at $150 to ANZA members for a 75 minute review.

For comparison, the actual full-on bike fit usually costs around $600 and takes a minimum of 4 hours.

In my experience, the key issues were identifying really quickly and the rest of the time was spent tinkering/fine tuning minor details. If you’re not sure if a bike fit is for you, then this might be an excellent way to try at low cost/low risk.

It’s also the perfect Christmas present if you’re struggling for ideas…

More details on BikeFit Asia’s special deal are attached in the PDF link below. Contact Toby directly at: toby@bikefitasia.com for more info.

Anza Assessment-editmk-docx