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Threadbare shorts week

bad shortsNothing worse than being on a ride and noticing that the rider in front has a pair of shorts that have potentially seen better days. The threadbare rear showing a bit too much skin and even some crack in extreme cases.

Puts a whole new spin on “Assos” shorts..

RTI is a bit like those threadbare shorts this week. Content is at a minimum as we graciously await the deluge of ride reports from this weeks Genting club trip ūüôā

Knowing that some of you base your entire Friday around the RTI, we did force something out & so todays slender edition has a couple of articles. Maybe use those extra minutes that we’ve now freed up to register for some of the upcoming races – Cycosports, Cycle Singapore and OCBC Cycle!

Inital feedback on the new coffee place was mostly very positive so it’s likely that the experiment will be continued this week. Stay tuned for an update on FB to confirm that.

Keep the rubber side up & the arse cracks covered!

Grinding out an RTI

Writing RTI is surprisingly like riding at times. Wednesday – our form was dreadful and nothing was going right. We had literally no articles and the mental muscles, no power.

A good nights sleep and Thursday was suddenly a different story. Caviar Cyclist Bjorn Engelhardt came through with a great article on his experience travelling the world with his bike. This stirred the rest of the team into action and we ground out another 3 articles duirng the day to get us a solid, respectable issue today.

We also received another guest article last night from an unnamed source – this one talking about the ongoing pestilence of upside down bikes at Coffee Bean. Rather than being a rant, the artlce actually comes forth with a stylish alternative to dumping your beautiful steed upside down on her arse. Rounding the issue off, we have the return of “Not Another Kranji” talking¬†about the badlands of Tuas and ¬†another bit of clickbait on Strava apps.

Cobbled-climb-630x420The real classics start this week with Het Nieuwsblad and KBK. Send the partner off for a night out and enjoy.

Keep it safe out there – there’s been too many incidents in recent weeks.




Happy New Year from RTI!

The RTI editors were actually planning on extending our off-season until next week but 2 pieces of content fell in our lap on Thursday forcing an early return to work.

The new year brings the usual deluge of ¬†Resolutions and “20 training tips that you positively must do (but aren’t)” type click-bait. Despite it being a bit of a sterile Magazine, I did like the Cycling Magazine staff resolutions where they all publically committed to their goals. This one being ¬†a great aspiration for us all during 2015.

ny resolutionsIt’s a short issue today but 2 important articles.

  1. We have the results of the recent ANZA Jersey design survey. The post turned out to be one of the most popular of the year – so thanks to all those that gave an opinion.
  2. We also have the ANZA Sponsorship Pack that we share we prospective sponsors. We’re coming to the closing point for new 2015 sponsors to sign up – thought it worthwhile to share this for anyone that might know someone with an interest in getting some additional quality coverage for their brand.

On the NY resolution front, do take note that the usual January “I’m going to get fit” resolutions are fully in effect island-wide & the roads are rammed full with new cyclists. Pedal carefully & keep it safe out there!


Winding Down and Winding Up

cycling santaAs the season slowly winds to an end, our thoughts turn¬†to our better halves, those who put up with our 5am get ups and our sweaty cycling kit being dumped on the floor, with our bikes hanging on the living room walls, with the steady stream of ‘essential bits’ from Wiggle, Evans and Chain Reaction Cycles, and with our obsessing over whether Billy Bob Jones has just done our favourite strava segment 2 seconds faster. ¬†With joy in our hearts, we think about what gifts they should bestow on us during the festive season that will allow us to ride faster, harder, longer, and we think about whether they would get as much pleasure from receiving a Rapha Jersey as we would get from buying it.

This week, we have that alternative view from a cycling spouse, and for a few minutes I’d like you all to show some Christmas spirit and pretend you care whether they mind being woken up at 5am every Saturday morning.

A final reminder that the club Christmas party will be next Saturday, and that in the morning, it would be good to see a little festive colour on your pristine carbon steeds. ¬†At the very least, let’s get out the santa hats and get the party mood started early.

Don has been busy putting together the race calendar for next year, and I will try to kick the back room IT boys into action over the Christmas break to update the RTI calendar with the race agenda and the planned club trips.

One final word from me before I let you get to the cycling spouse, and that is to Dave “Road Report” Powell. ¬†Now just because you go on holiday with your family doesn’t mean you can forget your road report duties. ¬†There we were on Sunday running your recovery ride for you when what should we come across? ¬†Yes, you got it, a closed road in Kranji that was completely absent from your weekly report. ¬†We’ll let you off this time, but next time, the espressos are on you!

Let’s be careful out there

Racing Weight RTI

By Racing Weight, I mean this RTI is thin as ….!

A bit boom and bust on the content of late. Last week we had 7 action packed articles, whilst this week we’re down to just two.

Kari Nore brings us a ride report from last weeks Cat 2 foray over to the badlands of Bintan. We also have an almost serious piece of fluff showing the quality of Singapore’s roads and how they stack up globally.

Best of luck to all those racing in Matabungkay and Chiang Mai this week. Keep it safe and bring home some silver!


4 weeks till Tour Of Bintan – let the panic commence

panicThe Tour Of Bintan kicks off 4 weeks from today. I know some of the groups – esp Nico’s Cat 2 gang – have been working hard and are feeling confident. For the rest of us, time to panic and get into the death spiral of last minute frenzied training.

Thankfully help is at hand as ANZA Cycling today announce a tie-up with Crankpunk Coaching systems to make structured training plans available to club members for free. Read more in today’s edition on how that’s going to work.

If that wasn‚Äôt enough. we also showcase the new Strava Fly By application by demonstrating exactly how Pierre Robocop dropped the entire peleton on Monday’s RTI. Styleman makes a welcome return talking about upside down bikes & gussets and we have the post-mortem on the ANZA Yahoo email group vote.

Keep it safe out there. For those doing the Bintan training ride, remember your $USD for immigration!



Packing the pounds back on!

poundsHere’s one for the ladies!. ¬†We’ve gone from last weeks Pee Wee Hermanesque lightweight edition to a relatively muscular Jean Claude Van Damme of the cycling club blog world

After the second committee meeting in 3 weeks (or maybe 2 I’m losing track of time as I desperately try to clear my workload before holidays) we have a host of stuff to get out to all you RTI reading members.

So once you ladies have stopped drooling over the photo, we can get down to business.  Lots to cover, so bullet points in this weeks editorial.

  • The club Christmas party is locked in for Saturday 13th December. ¬†Note, by popular request it is a Saturday this year so no excuses not to stay all night. ¬†The menu from Picotin Bukit Timah looks great and we’ll aim to start late afternoon to cater for kiddies then run on until they throw us out for the more hardcore. ¬†Further details to follow. ¬†Suggestions for party games (dodge the golf ball on the driving range perhaps) are welcome and please start thinking about serious and non so serious awards for those who have stepped up or stepped out of line. ¬†Don’t forget now, its on¬†Saturday.
  • Is it time for the club’s communication channel promiscuity to end? ¬†We think it’s time you were all on Facebook. ¬†If you want then turn the privacy settings to max and never post a thing, but we want that to be the more immediate channel for club communication and RTI for write ups, opinions, humour, articles and riding related stuff. ¬†Several times in the last couple of months I’ve run into people who have said they didn’t know about trips when details had been all over Facebook and RTI for weeks, but not posted to the Yahoo group. ¬†Time to mothball Yahoo? ¬†Read the article and take the poll.
  • No space for a photo this week but our ever reliable Dave “Road Report” Powell tells me there are no road closures this week.
  • Bintan training weekend. ¬†Fancy a good training ride in Bintan or just want to go for a ride without stopping at the lights every 2km? ¬†Nico is organising a weekend of riding for October 11-12, so if you want to go get your skates on and let Nico know or drop me a note at anzacycling.rti.ed@gmail.com and we’ll pass it on. ¬†Cat 3 guys and the ladies squad take note!
  • Don’t forget now, that it is a holiday this Monday and so that means ANZA Cycling will be out in force riding around the island. ¬†Usual Time 6am. ¬†Usual Place Rats Corner. ¬†Groups will be decided based on who turns up for the perfect excuse to spend the holiday afternoon asleep on the sofa!
  • And finally for the updates a plead for sanity on the Kranji 32. ¬†Every week it gets harder to split up the Kranji 32 and every week the range of abilities within the group seems to get wider. ¬†If you are the sort of person who finds the Kranji 32 a blast where you feel strong and want to finish at 33.9 then take a stab at doing a Kranji 34. ¬†On the other hand if you always feel like you’re going to get dropped and the whole thing is torture, then enjoy a more pleasant ride on a Kranji 30. ¬†We’ll have another go at getting everybody to agree whether they are “Fast 32” or “Less Fast 32” but give it some thought before 07.05 on saturday morning.

That’s it for the updates, and now on to the articles. ¬†Click the link or just scroll on down.

That’s it, time for work. ¬†One last thing, don’t forget the Christmas party is on a¬†Saturday!
Let’s be careful out there

When cycling legs meet real life

It’s a slender issue of RTI this week. Think of it as the Weight Weenie edition – where we’ve shed all the fat and focussed down the bare essentials…

In this weeks edition, we have a report from last weekend’s inugural Nusajaya Race in JB and a TriCorner update on the latest results and races in the region. The Nusajaya report is multi-media so watch the video links embedded in the report for some live crash action…

Interesting week for me where I received a couple of unexpected wake up calls about the true fitness of my legs in real-world situations. I’m pretty proud of my legs – the veins pop like a London Subway map & the calves are like someone has welded some overfed turkeys onto the back of my leg.

So I was pretty surprised when I did a bike fit on Wednesday and couldn’t manage some of the basic leg strength exercises and discovered that I’ve basically not been using half my leg muscle groups. More worryingly, my glutes (ass) were described as weak with a lot of room for improvement… ¬†ūüė¶

Bloop-Soccer-in-Kovan-300x224Thursday brought me to a futsal pitch for the 1st time in 15 years as part of a team building event. ¬†Pre-game confidence brimmed over as my superior cardio and legs were clearly going to crush the geeky data scientists that make up my team. The fact that we were encased in giant inflatable bubbles for the game would be no problem and I would reign supreme. 15 minutes into the game I found that my cycling strength was of limited use as football uses completely different muscles sets. ¬†I then received a heck of shaming at the hands of people with double digit body fat percentages. Pride and legs are still hurting…

Moral of the story. I guess we’ve got to look beyond cycling sometimes and do some other things to make us more well rounded in our fitness. Maybe its not all about the bike after all…

Enjoy the weekend rides/races and be safe out there.

Happy Birthday RTI!

RTI is one year old this week.

PilotWe’ve come a long way from our early days as a weekly Word document / fanzine type thing (click here for a reminder) & this week sees our 160th post on the new electronic RTI.¬†Whilst we’re tooting our own horn, we thought some of you may be interested in some of the stats behind RTI.


  • On average, we get around 250-300 unique visitors per week.Momentum was building nicely but decimated during our month long fiesta in July.
  • Our greatest ever traffic was generated on 21st March issue – which contained a Chengdu race report from Pierre, Martin Reynolds Under The Helmet & the Youtube video of the “angmoh cyclist incident” at Vivocity
  • Ian Burtons Cat 2 Batam Six Bridges race report is the single most viewed article on the site
  • We’re big in Singapore but also have a sizeable following in Mauritus and further afield!
  • Facebook is the most common way that people find us but some unlucky (?) souls got to us through more exotic search terms including:
    • “singapore island of prostitutes”
    • “giants causeway red snails under the rocks that squirt water when you touch them”
    • “must ride like eagle, feeling like superman, one day per week on bike, or training program is shit:
    • And the deep and interesting “did the people that built titanic get to ride her?”.

Stop searching for yourselves on Google – we can see all those searches too…

Road Closures from Dave
None for Saturday.

Sunday will see roads around Changi prison closed in the morning for the Yellow Ribbon Run.¬† Shouldn’t affect anyone using Loyang Avenue.

Kiddies are having a run around Marina Bay area as well.  Two lanes of Marinal Blvd will be closed, but who rides there anyway.

FrANZA goes to KL
DSCN1656Not content with taking over the sharp end of ANZA Cycling, it seems the French want their own secret cycling signal so they can identify each other on the road, so taking the east coast / west coast hand gestures from stateside (look it up on Google if you dont believe me) they have created their own. ¬†Apparently it is a F – I’ll let you decide.

First Aid
We hope never to need it, but when we have a rider down, it is always handy to have somebody around who knows what they are doing. ¬†The club wants to arrange some First Aid training but we want to know what sort of thing you want. ¬†Can you hunt down Lizzie Hodges post on Facebook where there is a voting option. ¬†If you can’t find it an email to the usual anzacycling.rti.ed@gmail.com with suggestions is always welcome.

Take care out there.