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Too bad for Rogues Gallery?

We started the Rogues Gallery feature recently to capture renegade ANZA members wearing kit from different teams. However in order to qualify, you needed to actually wear the kit and thats something I was simply unwilling to ever do in this case.

The OCBC Professional team are well known for their smashing looking kit – which I rate as one of the best in the pro peleton. Subtle blacks, subdued greys and day-glo pink makes an unexpected but appealing combo.

OCBC staff event jerseys (such as for this weekends Cycle Singapore) are slightly lower on the eye candy scale… The attached is the version produced for this years race. I couldn’t bring myself to wear but just had to share.



Rogues Gallery

Today we will start what will become a permanent record of those members who dare to wear rival club kit, or just plain bad taste kit. ¬†Whatever the reason, it’s not good enough, but we still want to hear it.

This page will serve as a permanent record of your shame -> Rogues Gallery

This week – Laura Gordon – Barbarian Kit

Laura barbarian kit