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Style Man 2.0 | Upside Down Bikes

The Velominati – Rule #49

// Keep the rubber side down.

It is completely unacceptable to intentionally turn one’s steed upside down for any reason under any circumstances. Besides the risk of scratching the saddle, levers and stem, it is unprofessional and a disgrace to your loyal steed. The risk of the bike falling over is increased, wheel removal/replacement is made more difficult and your bidons will leak. The only reason a bicycle should ever be in an upside down position is during mid-rotation while crashing. This Rule also applies to upside down saddle-mount roof bars.

Style Man makes his own rules normally. On this one though, I’m absolutely in agreement with the Velominati. Our glorious carbon steeds should not be on their backs with their gussets showing for the world to see. Even more so on days where it’s raining and they’re getting their poor saddles wet in the muck.

End this madness and give our bikes their dignity back.

image upside down bikes

Cat 3 Training – Truth or Fantasy

Masked AssassinThis week’s Cat 3 Training Ride

So here is the plan for this Saturday’s Cat 3 training ride.

We will call it as a separate Cat 3 ride, then roll out of Food Canopy and down to Bukit Timah.  At Adam road somebody will volunteer to ride to the front and proceed to try to rip the legs off the group all the way up Adam and Lornie, shelling the weakest riders out the back, who shouldn’t be there anyway!

The next group will then take up the mantle as we hit Old Upper Thompson and drive the pace until we lose another 2-3.

We’ll head off on a standard Kranji and by the time we get to NTU to do a couple of loops, we should be down to the 50% who are hardcore, the rest can limp home alone.

2 NTU loops to punish those who stayed with the group and back for coffee.

AngelAlternatively, and my preferred option:

We will try to divide into groups based on the waves we are in, but I’ll make the group sizes even.  I’ll try to get some ribbon or something so we can identify our ‘teams’.  Then we will make a brisk but ‘steady’ ride round to Rifle Range Road, the same as last week.  Each team is responsible for making sure that nobody in their team is dropped on the way.  I don’t care if you let them draft all the way or if you take turns pushing them up the hills, each team, and preferably the group as a whole should arrive at RRR together.

At RRR we’re going to try to have some fun.  Each team will choose a couple of attackers, and the teams will take it in turns to attack.  The other 2 teams must chase down the attack but AS A TEAM.  I don’t want to see a long line of individual gap crossers.  Work as a paceline to bring back the attack, it will be 6 or 12 (2 teams) against 1 attacker.  The attackers team should not do anything to help the chase down, nor should they join their attacker and support him.  Once caught, the next team has a go.

We’ll do this on the way down RRR, then ride back steady as a group. Repeat 2 or 3 times depending on how well it works and if you are having fun!