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2018 Club Awards

2018 Club Awards

Wonderful to see so many members, friends and family last night for our Christmas Party and 2018 Club Awards!

There were so many nominations this year. The club is, and continues to be such a great place because of our members. You all make the club a fantastic place to be, and we are super proud to have such a great group of riders.

Congratulations to all our nominees! We are all looking forward to an even bigger and better year on and off the road in 2019!

Without further adieu the 2018 Club Award winners are:

Outstanding Performance

Peter Williamson – Off Road
Trent Standen – Triathlon
Pierre-Alain Scherwey – Road
Vicki Goodwin – Road
Roger Allingham – Road

Achievement & Inspiration

Yin Xiao Wu – “Spirit”
Andrea Trindler – “Dynamo”
Jeremy Hodges – “Newcomer”
Gaelle Mogabure – “Skyrocket”
Don Humphrey – “Dark Horse”
Per Arne Bergman – “Steadfast”
Sean Willems van Beveren – “Flair”

Outstanding Contribution to the Club

Liesbeth Kanis
Lizzie Hodges

Club Member of the Year

Mike Koreneff


If you missed out on a calendar please contact a committee member and we can get one to you, if there are any left.

You can check-out the Saturday Morning ride video on youtube. And the Aidha 12th Birthday video here.

Racing and Touring

imageMassive congratulations to Craig Cameron.  Second in the OCBC Cycle Road Race Open Category last weekend.  Racing for the Mavericks and just pipped on the line by William Pratt from Allied World in an exciting spring finish.  Well done to both, but particularly to Craig who only joined the Mavs a few short months ago after years of blowing us all away in his sprint finishes on the Changi straight.  You can watch it here on Channel News Asia

Congratulations also to Pierre, Raoul, Alex, Don and Hish in the Men’s Open category

Now in the Women’s category, congratulations to Lizzie Hodges, also racing in Mavericks colours on a superb 3rd place.

If I have missed anybody, my apologies, but if you get in quick, the beauty of the blog is I can slip you in and nobody will notice 😉

There is plenty more to be said about the Open Road Race, and Don has a mighty fine account of the goings on.  As he says at the end, it’s a shame there weren’t many ANZA participants, let’s see if we can’t round up a herd of racers for the next one and display the black green and gold.

In other news a big bunch headed off to Desaru and braved a howling headwind on the way out only to fly back.  Here at RTI towers we have been waiting for the update, but it appears to be lost in the post.  Maybe next week Cam?

Away Trips
Last of all, just to flag up we have 2 away trips coming up. on 29th April to 1st May we have the eternally popular KL trip coming up, with the merest suggestion that they will be sampling some of the other superb riding routes around KL as an alternative to Frasers.  I urge anybody to give it a go, KL has so much to offer a cyclist, much, much more than just Frasers Hill.  Follow this link for info from Laura

We also have what has been hailed as possibly the best away trip in cycling club history, the amazing Sun Moon Lake trip to Taiwan and I really am jealous of people going on this one as by all accounts it is some truly beautiful riding.  This trip is May 20th to 24th and you can find details of this trip here

With that said, there is nothing else to say except good luck to anybody heading to Phuket or already in Phuket, decide who is writing what and get it to us by 8pm Thursday at

And all of you, let’s be careful out there


New kit, did somebody say new kit?

worst kit 1The time has come for us to think about next year’s kit design.  Now we’ve heard you load and clear, you want the word Singapore on the jersey somewhere.  That’s fine, we’ll see what we can do.  We do want to hear from any ace designers out there who could whip up some designs over the next week or so and we also remember you said that you were keen to keep a consistent look and feel so you could recognise it is ANZA Cycling out there on the road, but it has become tradition that each year the committee change something, even if it doesn’t need changing 😉

Now as luck would have it this email dropped into the inbox of…..


Perfect timing I thought, and if you look to the last sentence, we’ll be in safe hands because they are producing for “top brand of the world”.  I was a bit concerned with the two fingers V sign in their logo, but everybody is allowed one faux pas and, as you can see, they were writing to me by the grace of Great God, so that should all be fine, and as I mentioned to the committee if it is kit by the grace of God, it may even make me go faster, God knows (sic) I need some divine intervention.

worst kit 4Ok, so the kit is blessed by god, that is great, but what really sold it to me was that not only was it cheap prices, but also supreme quality.  How could we go wrong, so you’ll all be glad to head that you are getting divinely blessed, cheap supreme quality kit from Winner industries next year, hope your looking forward to it as much as I am.

Now back to the design, I found the ladies kit design online, I think you’ll all agree that is great for those late night rides or early morning rides, you can wear it to dinner and then just hop on your bikes right after or before.  It’s an all round winner!  More of a Tri number though what with the lack of sleeves.

worst kit 2But in terms of all round worst kit in my opinion, ignoring of course that God awful Colombian women’s team number (google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about) the prize has to go to Cippolini for just plain bad taste, and can you imagine how bad this is going to look when you stretch it over the slightly less svelte frames that many of us sport.

As you can tell, there wasn’t a lot of cycling for me to report last week, but this weekend is the monster trip to Desaru, no I’m not saying Ned is a monster (don’t get on her bad side though) but there are 3 bum boats heading over for some traffic light free action and I’m sure there will be much to report to you next week if one of the good riders could agree to pick up a pen and paper to recount their tales.

So, whether you are off to Desaru or planning other rides this week.

Let’s be careful out there


Daytrip to Bintan. Daytrip to Bintan. Daytrip to Bintan…..

NIK_6630Now before you all get on you soap boxes and say how insensitive I am for mentioning this.  I checked with the lady in question and she was fine with me mentioning the slight memory loss she suffered last week in Bintan.

Now before you all get on your soap boxes… Ok, enough of this hilarity, it was actually quite scary for somebody who had never seen first hand what a bump on the head can do, and we can use it as a little lesson learning exercise as I think, maybe, there was one thing we should have done differently.  Those better trained in first aid can tell us the other things.

Bintan Daytrip.  Done it many many times.  Standard drill.  Do group photo, check. One fast group, check.  One slow group, check.  Support vans for both, check.  Only this time even better, with motor cycle out riders to patrol the turns and make sure we all go the right way.

No problems, uncheck.

Rick: “has anybody seen my bag?”
Everybody: “Where did you put it?”
Rick: “In the car that was at the front”
Everybody “Err, that wasn’t one of our cars”
Miss Ner(local nickname for Neridah) “F&*%%$ Id^^$, I told you which car to put it in, F*#&* it we’re leaving”

I look around as Rick gets his driver to start calling other drivers, when I look back my larger slow group has left with Miss Ner, and I do the old “F^%& it, he’s a big boy and can sort it out and this is Miss Ner’s trip anyway”

It’s 9.15, the ferry home is booked for 3.35, the fast squad plan to do 170km, anybody see the problem with this equation?  Motoring is the word I would use, and they’re standing around trying to track down a lost bag!

Anyway, noting much to report, riding riding riding.  The fast boys eventually catch us and I throw out a playful “you need to be going faster than that if you plan to make your ferry”.  I think I heard a ‘thank you’, but you know how it is when your riding, sometimes your hearing isn’t quite what it could be.

No dramas, a few tired riders by the end of the red road, but otherwise all is well.  A nice tailwind assisted (I know there is no such thing as a tailwind, we just rode strong) trip down the coast.

All is going well, although Bintan is showing signs of getting the better of me just for a change, so I come to the top of a hill to find two of the team on the deck, a small wheel touch at the crest of the hill and it’s first blood to Bintan.  No worries, a minor mishap, onwards troops!

Feeling a little better.
Feeling a little better.

So I swear it can’t have been more than 2km further down the road when Teressa decides she wants to get better acquainted with her rural side and takes a dive into the dirt.  We stop again, and she’s sitting up looking fine, just a well dusted shoulder, which I’m guessing must have hurt like hell on Monday.  After a few minutes of chatting, checking over ensuring nothing is damaged on the bike, or her I guess, she announces she is good to go, but we thought it would be a good idea to call the van back which as bad luck would have it had just raced ahead to deposit two tired riders a little further up the road and closer to home.  The news that the van was heading in the other direction left us with a dilemma.  To sit and wait, knowing that we’re on a bit of a schedule if we plan to make it back to the ferry in time for the 3.35 or listen to the patient who looks ok, is reacting ok, and says she is ok.  We decide she’s ok to roll gently just to keep us moving and to close the gap to the van.

Less than 1000m later and half way up a small hill Teressa stops again and Matt and I circle back to make sure she it ok.

Teressa: “I have no idea where I am or how I got here”NIK_6663
Me: “Get off the bike and sit down!”

Teressa then proceeded to tell Matt and me that she didn’t know what happened, Matt explained a slight touch of wheels had brought her down.  She apologised for holding us up, then repeated the question, and again, and again, and again!  I look at Matt, he looks at me and we share a “Oh Crap!” moment of understanding.  Quite NIK_6687an impact now became evident on her helmet and Miss Ner later discovered that it had done its job and cracked right through on the inside.

That’s pretty much the end of the cycling write up.  We split the group into slower group to leave now, faster to stay behind until the van arrived to transport Teressa and after a few more km I joined her in the van having been burnt up by the faster group.  Still in good spirits, she announced that some of the other riders looked a bit tired and NIK_6689maybe she should swap with them to which my reply was an emphatic “You’re not going anywhere”

A tough day’s riding as can be seen from Johan’s expression and fortunately no permanent damage, just a night of observation in Hotel Gleneagles.

Anything we should have done differently?  If there is a next time, and I hope there isn’t, we’ll be insisting that anybody that takes knock to the head during a ride retires for the rest of the ride and takes the chauffeured trip home.

Let’s be careful out there people!


Racing Daze

cyscosports_logo_2It’s great to get back to congratulating ANZA members for racing success and as last weekend say the Cycosport Nongsa challenge, a few people need to be congratulated.  No trophies unfortunately but a great podium position in Cat 3.

Don has a write up of his exploits with the fast boys from the Allied World racing team in Cat 1 so read on, but before you get to that, congratulations to:

Cat 3
2nd Malcolm Wyatt
9th Mick Lehpamer
23rd Rick Pratt
24th Matt Latham

4th Elisabeth Russell

Cat 1
5th William Pratt
7th Hish Scarff
10th “Uncle” Pete Bennett
11th Pierre-Alain Scherwey
18th Raoul Berthillion
21st Kahu Tawhai
23rd Donald Macdonald

Cat 2
5th Jonathan Hooper
6th Craig Cameron
33rd Sofiane Behraoui

Sorry if I missed anybody, I don’t know all the names off by heart so if you’re not racing as ANZA Cycling it’s a bit hit and miss, but shout if I missed you, the beauty of the blog is I can change it on the spot 🙂

Staying on the racing topic, a new series of Singapore based races – The OCBC Road Series – was announced yesterday with full support from the Singapore Cycling Federation. The 1st race is in March at Seleter with the National Championships following in May. I trongly encourage all to sign up and show support for these long overdue events.

Info is available at:

Now a reminder about our last year’s kit sale, socks sale and water bottle sale this Sunday at Food Canopy at 3pm come and get some of ANZA Cycling’s historic or is that Retro jerseys and if you are one of those people insulting your bike by riding around with ugly mismatched water bottles, now is the chance to put that right.  Roll up, Roll up, two bottles for everyone.

Before I leave you to enjoy Don’s race report, Dave “Road Report” Powell says, best to stay away from Changi Straight this weekend due to the airshow and the increased traffic and police presence.  You have been warned!

Whatever you do this week though,
Let’s be careful out there.

Jungle Drums Were Beaten

Junglecross1Delighted to get back to announcing great results for our ANZA members in the first Junglecross of the year.  Unless Phil Routley is just a lot taller than Chris Rawlings, it looks a lot like we should be congratulating Phil for a fantastic 2nd place and Chris for 3rd.  Well done guys!

Next week we hope to have Chris’ account of how he fared in the dirt and how much he paid a small schoolboy to wash all that mud off when he got home (just joking, I think).

Congrats also due to  Raoul Berthillon and Noah Gellner for their 2nd and 3rd places in the Cyclocross race (i.e for the people that actually have a real CX bike).

For another article on this event, Alan Grant has written a great piece which you can find by following this link.

Now it being Chinese New Year, many of you are away but I want to take the chance for a few quick announcements.

  1. Club gear sale – On Sunday February 21st at 3pm we’ll be setting up a little club car boot sale.  Megan has done a stock take and wants to offload as much of the prior year’s kit as she can before starting the 2016 process all over again.  We have items going back to the days of Orange and Black and they will be at knock down prices of $20 per jersey, which is an absolute bargain for a quality jersey.  There is only one condition….  You absolutely cannot wear them on the Saturday club rides.  Wear it on your trainer, wear it with your mates, wear it down the pub, we don’t mind, but Saturday is reserved for this year’s kit.  We will also have club bottles, we hope Stafford will be around with the ANZA socks and I’ll bring along our nice new ANZA Cycling Race clips, which are a better way of securing your race numbers to your jerseys than those nasty safety pins, for those of you going to Phuket or Bintan.  The location will be the Food Canopy Car Park so you can grab a drink and a late Prata while you’re there.  Closer to the date we’ll let you all know what kit is available.
  2. For the Triathletes amongst you, Donna has organised a much needed update to the ANZA Tri Kit.  She is planning a Triathletes try the tri-kit night at Picotin Bukit Timah on Feb 17th at 7.30pm.  Bring $50 per kit as a deposit and then enjoy a couple of drinks on the club.
  3. It being a public holiday weekend, Monday and Tuesday will see regular RTIs depart from Rats Corner at 6am.  Its a good chance to get in 120km before the rest of the family even realises you are gone.  Or perhaps that’s just my family.
  4. And Finally – It’s club breakfast weekend, so see you all at Dimbulah tomorrow morning.

Now don’t eat to many pineapple tarts and above all…

Let’s be careful out there

Time to Junglecross

The first of this year’s series of 5, yes, you read it right, a series of 5 Junglecross events kicks off on Sunday.  If you want to know what Junglecross is all about, take a look here at this excellent write up by all round cycling hardman Arran Pearson.

Junglecross Write Up

The event is run by the great team at Cycosports who have made racing in and around Singapore a real treat in the last few years, so special thanks to them for all their efforts.  You can still sign up on the day if you find yourself at a loose end on Sunday or you could just pop down to see what it’s all about and you’re bound to see some of your ANZA mates putting in some effort.  Now, if it rains you might not recognise them, but hey, everybody deserves a cheer in this event.  And if you are taking part, have a think about sending us a write up, it is always good to get some new contributions.  Send anything to

Take a look here for details and registration

The rest of this week is dedicated to details of an exclusive ANZA training offer from CrankPunk and a write up on that mysterious product pitstop that all serious cyclists carry, all hope never to use and apparently few use successfully.  Read on for more.

Finally a quick reminder if you missed it late last year, but we’re planning a number of trips so take a look at these and make space in your diary if any take your fancy

Feb 27 2016 – Bintan Day Trip
March 12 & Sept 10 2016 – The ‘New to 100km’ Desaru Day Trip (specifically designed for the 26-28km av riders looking to increase their distance. Supported by a number of experienced ANZA riders)
March 18-20 2016 – Tour de Phuket
April 29 – May 1 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
May 20 – 24 2016 – Sun Moon Lake Trip (Taiwan)
June 18-19 2016 – Mersing Trip
July 30 2016 – Desaru Day Trip
Sept 23-25 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
Nov 25-27 2016 – ANZA Club Championship (TBC)

Back to normal after Christmas, so…..
Let’s be careful out there

Friend or Foldie?

Foldie6Ok, its a shameless pun worthy of little more than the terrible UK newspaper The Sun, but it’s the best I could do at short notice.

In what he claims to be a quest for fitness, but we all know is an attempt to half wheel without being noticed due to the smaller wheels, Steven “Wongster”Wong dared to be different and brought a Foldie to Rats for a midweek ride.  Read all his terrible defense further on.

We also have a great write up of the last KL trip organised by Laura, where in her last bit of organizing she has organized somebody else to write the trip report, and that’s quite enough organizing for anybody.

No more news is good news, just remember to RSVP for the Xmas party on the 12th December and…

Let’s be careful out there

Sharpen your pencil

CalendarThe main news is the report from Arran of the recent Singapore Junglecross event, so read on for that gem, but a few of updates for you before you get to that.

First and foremost, make sure you save Saturday 12th December it’s the club Christmas Party, be there or be sent to Coventry.  Those with kids can block out from 4pm with the adults event starting at 6.30.

Second, we’ve been busy at work in a wee sub-group talking about next years trips so pencil some of these into your diaries.

Feb 27 2016 – Bintan Day Trip
March 12 & Sept 10 2016 – The ‘New to 100km’ Desaru Day Trip (specifically designed for the 26-28km av riders looking to increase their distance. Supported by a number of experienced ANZA riders)
March 18-20 2016 – Tour de Phuket
April 29 – May 1 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
May 20 – 24 2016 – Sun Moon Lake Trip (Taiwan)
June 18-19 2016 – Mersing Trip
July 30 2016 – Desaru Day Trip
Sept 23-25 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
Nov 25-27 2016 – ANZA Club Championship (TBC)

And third, thanks to Dave Powell, please beware of a new grate in the left most lane of Upper Thomson road just before Thomson Plaza.  The grill is in the direction of travel, is narrower than a wheel but might cause your wheel to slip in line with it.  No accidents there please now you’ve been warned.

So with that, prepare yourself for a weekend of clear skies and riding (hopefully no rain) and…

Let’s be careful; out there.