2018 Club Awards

2018 Club Awards

Wonderful to see so many members, friends and family last night for our Christmas Party and 2018 Club Awards!

There were so many nominations this year. The club is, and continues to be such a great place because of our members. You all make the club a fantastic place to be, and we are super proud to have such a great group of riders.

Congratulations to all our nominees! We are all looking forward to an even bigger and better year on and off the road in 2019!

Without further adieu the 2018 Club Award winners are:

Outstanding Performance

Peter Williamson – Off Road
Trent Standen – Triathlon
Pierre-Alain Scherwey – Road
Vicki Goodwin – Road
Roger Allingham – Road

Achievement & Inspiration

Yin Xiao Wu – “Spirit”
Andrea Trindler – “Dynamo”
Jeremy Hodges – “Newcomer”
Gaelle Mogabure – “Skyrocket”
Don Humphrey – “Dark Horse”
Per Arne Bergman – “Steadfast”
Sean Willems van Beveren – “Flair”

Outstanding Contribution to the Club

Liesbeth Kanis
Lizzie Hodges

Club Member of the Year

Mike Koreneff


If you missed out on a calendar please contact a committee member and we can get one to you, if there are any left.

You can check-out the Saturday Morning ride video on youtube. And the Aidha 12th Birthday video here.

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