Club Code of Conduct

One of the beautiful things about our club is the large member base we have. It’s great to see so many people out and enjoying the early morning rides.

We share the road with many other road users and expect all riders to adhere to our code of conduct when on our rides.

Code of Conduct

We ride safely and obey traffic rules.
We always wear a helmet and use lights.

When we wear the jersey, we are “The Club”.
We are courteous to other road users and avoid confrontation.

When we ride in a group we look out for each other.
We take our turn on the front and communicate as appropriate.

We maintain our bikes and carry our own spares.

We all get involved in the club.
We participate, both on and off the road and wear Club Kit.

How We Roll

  1. Two-by-two (unless ‘single file’ is called, or we are on a single lane road)
  2. Anti-clockwise chain – indicate to rotate (either rider can indicate to rotate)
  3. No surging – maintain pace in the group and when rotating
  4. Hold your line – don’t half-wheel or ride up the middle or outside of the group
  5. Look ahead and keep at least one hand on the bars




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