It never rains but it pours!

umbrella-bicycle-rainLast night saw the 2016 ANZA Cycling AGM take place with what we believe was the largest turnout for an AGM.  We thought it was the controvercial committee membership election then remembered that all positions were uncontested, so we were worried there would be passionate heated debate about adding red and blue as official club colours into the constitution, but nobody objected (although we can only hope we never see red, white, blue, green, black, gold all on one jersey, I mean NEVER!)  And so, the only logical conclusion was that you all came for the free pizza, beer and friendly banter.

Changes from last year’s committee are:
Chris Rawlings – MTB Director
Phil Routley – Road Director

Carmen Fay – Membership Director (a position she took up prior to the AGM taking over from Neridah who has been exiled back to the colonies due to excessive potty mouth)

So, many thanks to outgoing Road and MTB Directors Stafford and Arran for a job well done.

With that said, after the drought of racing and riding news, we have the write up of Don’s personal nemesis, that being the Tour de Bintan.  We also have 3 reports of the 3 days of riding in Taiwan organized by the lovely Ms Gordon #GordonsGetaways.

Read on, and in case you have forgotten,

Let’s be careful out there; and

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