TdPhuket Results

tdp1It was a great day at the office for ANZA Cycling and Team Allied World at the Tour of Phuket last weekend.  Read on for a full right up of the Cat 1 race, a group with so much energy they can ride a 3 stage race and still produce a ride report 😐

With Allied World’s William Pratt taking first place overall in Cat 1, we want to congratulate all the ANZA Cyclists, or at least all those I can identify (remember folks if you don’t put ANZA Cycling down as your team it’s hit and miss whether I spot you)

Cat 1
3rd Pierre Alain Scherwey
17th Hish Scarf
28th Raoul Berthillon
32nd Pete Bennet

Cat 2
10th Stale Nore
11th Peter McQuade
16th Steven Wong
33rd Liam Winston

Cat 3
7th Mick Lehpamer
8th Phil Morris

2nd Kari Nore

tdp3 tdp2Well done to everybody else who took part however you finished, I hope you all enjoyed another racing location.

It’s a race that Craig Cameron won’t forget having proved that when man goes head to head with barrier…. Barrier wins!  I’ll spare you the roadrash photos.

Enjoy your Easter riding whatever you do, but as always…

Let’s be careful out there


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