Racing and Touring

imageMassive congratulations to Craig Cameron.  Second in the OCBC Cycle Road Race Open Category last weekend.  Racing for the Mavericks and just pipped on the line by William Pratt from Allied World in an exciting spring finish.  Well done to both, but particularly to Craig who only joined the Mavs a few short months ago after years of blowing us all away in his sprint finishes on the Changi straight.  You can watch it here on Channel News Asia

Congratulations also to Pierre, Raoul, Alex, Don and Hish in the Men’s Open category

Now in the Women’s category, congratulations to Lizzie Hodges, also racing in Mavericks colours on a superb 3rd place.

If I have missed anybody, my apologies, but if you get in quick, the beauty of the blog is I can slip you in and nobody will notice 😉

There is plenty more to be said about the Open Road Race, and Don has a mighty fine account of the goings on.  As he says at the end, it’s a shame there weren’t many ANZA participants, let’s see if we can’t round up a herd of racers for the next one and display the black green and gold.

In other news a big bunch headed off to Desaru and braved a howling headwind on the way out only to fly back.  Here at RTI towers we have been waiting for the update, but it appears to be lost in the post.  Maybe next week Cam?

Away Trips
Last of all, just to flag up we have 2 away trips coming up. on 29th April to 1st May we have the eternally popular KL trip coming up, with the merest suggestion that they will be sampling some of the other superb riding routes around KL as an alternative to Frasers.  I urge anybody to give it a go, KL has so much to offer a cyclist, much, much more than just Frasers Hill.  Follow this link for info from Laura

We also have what has been hailed as possibly the best away trip in cycling club history, the amazing Sun Moon Lake trip to Taiwan and I really am jealous of people going on this one as by all accounts it is some truly beautiful riding.  This trip is May 20th to 24th and you can find details of this trip here

With that said, there is nothing else to say except good luck to anybody heading to Phuket or already in Phuket, decide who is writing what and get it to us by 8pm Thursday at

And all of you, let’s be careful out there


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