New kit, did somebody say new kit?

worst kit 1The time has come for us to think about next year’s kit design.  Now we’ve heard you load and clear, you want the word Singapore on the jersey somewhere.  That’s fine, we’ll see what we can do.  We do want to hear from any ace designers out there who could whip up some designs over the next week or so and we also remember you said that you were keen to keep a consistent look and feel so you could recognise it is ANZA Cycling out there on the road, but it has become tradition that each year the committee change something, even if it doesn’t need changing 😉

Now as luck would have it this email dropped into the inbox of…..


Perfect timing I thought, and if you look to the last sentence, we’ll be in safe hands because they are producing for “top brand of the world”.  I was a bit concerned with the two fingers V sign in their logo, but everybody is allowed one faux pas and, as you can see, they were writing to me by the grace of Great God, so that should all be fine, and as I mentioned to the committee if it is kit by the grace of God, it may even make me go faster, God knows (sic) I need some divine intervention.

worst kit 4Ok, so the kit is blessed by god, that is great, but what really sold it to me was that not only was it cheap prices, but also supreme quality.  How could we go wrong, so you’ll all be glad to head that you are getting divinely blessed, cheap supreme quality kit from Winner industries next year, hope your looking forward to it as much as I am.

Now back to the design, I found the ladies kit design online, I think you’ll all agree that is great for those late night rides or early morning rides, you can wear it to dinner and then just hop on your bikes right after or before.  It’s an all round winner!  More of a Tri number though what with the lack of sleeves.

worst kit 2But in terms of all round worst kit in my opinion, ignoring of course that God awful Colombian women’s team number (google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about) the prize has to go to Cippolini for just plain bad taste, and can you imagine how bad this is going to look when you stretch it over the slightly less svelte frames that many of us sport.

As you can tell, there wasn’t a lot of cycling for me to report last week, but this weekend is the monster trip to Desaru, no I’m not saying Ned is a monster (don’t get on her bad side though) but there are 3 bum boats heading over for some traffic light free action and I’m sure there will be much to report to you next week if one of the good riders could agree to pick up a pen and paper to recount their tales.

So, whether you are off to Desaru or planning other rides this week.

Let’s be careful out there


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