Racing Daze

cyscosports_logo_2It’s great to get back to congratulating ANZA members for racing success and as last weekend say the Cycosport Nongsa challenge, a few people need to be congratulated.  No trophies unfortunately but a great podium position in Cat 3.

Don has a write up of his exploits with the fast boys from the Allied World racing team in Cat 1 so read on, but before you get to that, congratulations to:

Cat 3
2nd Malcolm Wyatt
9th Mick Lehpamer
23rd Rick Pratt
24th Matt Latham

4th Elisabeth Russell

Cat 1
5th William Pratt
7th Hish Scarff
10th “Uncle” Pete Bennett
11th Pierre-Alain Scherwey
18th Raoul Berthillion
21st Kahu Tawhai
23rd Donald Macdonald

Cat 2
5th Jonathan Hooper
6th Craig Cameron
33rd Sofiane Behraoui

Sorry if I missed anybody, I don’t know all the names off by heart so if you’re not racing as ANZA Cycling it’s a bit hit and miss, but shout if I missed you, the beauty of the blog is I can change it on the spot 🙂

Staying on the racing topic, a new series of Singapore based races – The OCBC Road Series – was announced yesterday with full support from the Singapore Cycling Federation. The 1st race is in March at Seleter with the National Championships following in May. I trongly encourage all to sign up and show support for these long overdue events.

Info is available at:

Now a reminder about our last year’s kit sale, socks sale and water bottle sale this Sunday at Food Canopy at 3pm come and get some of ANZA Cycling’s historic or is that Retro jerseys and if you are one of those people insulting your bike by riding around with ugly mismatched water bottles, now is the chance to put that right.  Roll up, Roll up, two bottles for everyone.

Before I leave you to enjoy Don’s race report, Dave “Road Report” Powell says, best to stay away from Changi Straight this weekend due to the airshow and the increased traffic and police presence.  You have been warned!

Whatever you do this week though,
Let’s be careful out there.

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