It’s all about the kit

valentine jerseyAs Valentines day is upon us, you’re probably wondering what variety of tight fitting lycra your partner will be buying for you this year, so it may be worth dropping a hint that they should wait a few months until the new ANZA Cycling kit emerges before they splash their cash on the kit you’ve always wanted.

Speaking of kit you’ve always wanted, we’re kinda thinking most of you quite liked this year’s kit so the design shouldn’t radically change but we’d really like to hear from you if you have a different opinion.  Feel free to email with any suggestions you have regarding design or colours as now is the time to get those design ideas into the mixing pot.

This week was the CNY festivities and a 4 day weekend saw Laura “Gordon’s Getaways” Gordon put up a Festive 288.  The results are in and congratulations to everybody who completed the 288 in the 4 days, but particular plaudits to the top of the leader boards:

Greatest Distance(Male) – Phillip M. – 405.8km
Greatest Distance (Female) –  Laura – 304.7km
Fastest Finisher (Male) – Paul Gerrard – 336.8km completed Day 3
Fastest Finisher (Female) – Kathy Campbell – 296.7km completed Day 3
Top Climber – ‘Macca’ McQuade (Chang Mai, stylin’) – 7,092m

So now to the other sort of kit, first aid kit for your bike.  Countless (well 3 actually) breakdowns made me give some thought to what is needed in an emergency spares / tool kit so read on, and it’s not that expensive to ensure you can get yourself home on 2 wheels.

Don’t forget the kit sale next Sunday 21st February 3pm at Food Canopy and while you’re remembering, and thinking about kit and thinking about what spares you have forgotten to pack…

Let’s be careful out there.


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