Jungle Drums Were Beaten

Junglecross1Delighted to get back to announcing great results for our ANZA members in the first Junglecross of the year.  Unless Phil Routley is just a lot taller than Chris Rawlings, it looks a lot like we should be congratulating Phil for a fantastic 2nd place and Chris for 3rd.  Well done guys!

Next week we hope to have Chris’ account of how he fared in the dirt and how much he paid a small schoolboy to wash all that mud off when he got home (just joking, I think).

Congrats also due to  Raoul Berthillon and Noah Gellner for their 2nd and 3rd places in the Cyclocross race (i.e for the people that actually have a real CX bike).

For another article on this event, Alan Grant has written a great piece which you can find by following this link. http://secondwindmagazine.com/saleh-and-teoh-take-top-honours-as-jungle-cross-returns-with-a-bang/

Now it being Chinese New Year, many of you are away but I want to take the chance for a few quick announcements.

  1. Club gear sale – On Sunday February 21st at 3pm we’ll be setting up a little club car boot sale.  Megan has done a stock take and wants to offload as much of the prior year’s kit as she can before starting the 2016 process all over again.  We have items going back to the days of Orange and Black and they will be at knock down prices of $20 per jersey, which is an absolute bargain for a quality jersey.  There is only one condition….  You absolutely cannot wear them on the Saturday club rides.  Wear it on your trainer, wear it with your mates, wear it down the pub, we don’t mind, but Saturday is reserved for this year’s kit.  We will also have club bottles, we hope Stafford will be around with the ANZA socks and I’ll bring along our nice new ANZA Cycling Race clips, which are a better way of securing your race numbers to your jerseys than those nasty safety pins, for those of you going to Phuket or Bintan.  The location will be the Food Canopy Car Park so you can grab a drink and a late Prata while you’re there.  Closer to the date we’ll let you all know what kit is available.
  2. For the Triathletes amongst you, Donna has organised a much needed update to the ANZA Tri Kit.  She is planning a Triathletes try the tri-kit night at Picotin Bukit Timah on Feb 17th at 7.30pm.  Bring $50 per kit as a deposit and then enjoy a couple of drinks on the club.
  3. It being a public holiday weekend, Monday and Tuesday will see regular RTIs depart from Rats Corner at 6am.  Its a good chance to get in 120km before the rest of the family even realises you are gone.  Or perhaps that’s just my family.
  4. And Finally – It’s club breakfast weekend, so see you all at Dimbulah tomorrow morning.

Now don’t eat to many pineapple tarts and above all…

Let’s be careful out there

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