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intermissionNo major racing or events reported to RTI HQ this week, so we are blessedly quiet.  Don has worked hard on pulling together a calendar of all the 2016 racing events which is growing day by day and we’re  sharing that with you this week.  We’ll try to keep it updated as the season develops.

A few club trips coming up soon with Bintan tomorrow – we’ll bring you photos and exploits next week.

Desaru on March 12 – check out here, it’s full right now but if you want to be on the waitlist, details are here

A KL trip with all new routes planned for April 29th – May 1st. – check out the details here

Finally a quick note, Rick is trying to round up anybody interested in riding Cat 3 for Phuket or Bintan this year with the plan to try to coordinate some training and tactics.  It is traditionally the biggest group of ANZA Cycling members entering races and getting together before hand is a great way to meet and get to know your fellow club mates.  Also a good way to discuss how you’re going to avoind attacking each other in the race 🙂

Check out his post here and respond if you plan to enter

That’s all folks, so as ever…
Let’s be careful out there

Racing Calendar

The 2016 racing calendar continues to expand at pace – with recent events added by Cycosports (Jungle cross 2), OCBC (National Champs and the Race Series) and confirmation of the 2016 Tour Of Chiang Mai dates.

March and April looks especially fantastic! Start negotiating with your partner now for some away days…





Racing Daze

cyscosports_logo_2It’s great to get back to congratulating ANZA members for racing success and as last weekend say the Cycosport Nongsa challenge, a few people need to be congratulated.  No trophies unfortunately but a great podium position in Cat 3.

Don has a write up of his exploits with the fast boys from the Allied World racing team in Cat 1 so read on, but before you get to that, congratulations to:

Cat 3
2nd Malcolm Wyatt
9th Mick Lehpamer
23rd Rick Pratt
24th Matt Latham

4th Elisabeth Russell

Cat 1
5th William Pratt
7th Hish Scarff
10th “Uncle” Pete Bennett
11th Pierre-Alain Scherwey
18th Raoul Berthillion
21st Kahu Tawhai
23rd Donald Macdonald

Cat 2
5th Jonathan Hooper
6th Craig Cameron
33rd Sofiane Behraoui

Sorry if I missed anybody, I don’t know all the names off by heart so if you’re not racing as ANZA Cycling it’s a bit hit and miss, but shout if I missed you, the beauty of the blog is I can change it on the spot 🙂

Staying on the racing topic, a new series of Singapore based races – The OCBC Road Series – was announced yesterday with full support from the Singapore Cycling Federation. The 1st race is in March at Seleter with the National Championships following in May. I trongly encourage all to sign up and show support for these long overdue events.

Info is available at:

Now a reminder about our last year’s kit sale, socks sale and water bottle sale this Sunday at Food Canopy at 3pm come and get some of ANZA Cycling’s historic or is that Retro jerseys and if you are one of those people insulting your bike by riding around with ugly mismatched water bottles, now is the chance to put that right.  Roll up, Roll up, two bottles for everyone.

Before I leave you to enjoy Don’s race report, Dave “Road Report” Powell says, best to stay away from Changi Straight this weekend due to the airshow and the increased traffic and police presence.  You have been warned!

Whatever you do this week though,
Let’s be careful out there.

Cycosports Nongsa Classic | Cat 1

First race in 5 months after the Haze slit the jugular of the 2015 racing season – resulting in the cancellation of the original September edition of this race and many others.

The Cycosports organization was the expected smooth sailing (pun intended). The ferry terminal was quieter than usual and turnout was disappointingly lower than previous races. However Cat 1 had bucked the trend and increased in size with a sizable contingent from Integrated Racing for the 1st time. Good to see some new faces.

The start itself took place in a public park which resulted in a surreal trek through a vast array of Batam youth. Weird to see so many kids out at 7.30am playing badminton and doing military drills in the park. Even at 7.30, temperatures were high and the needle was rapidly heading into Scorchio territory.

Cat 1 rolled out for the 12km neutral zone with about 40 riders. The neutral zone was a swift reminder of how hilly Batam can be with a constant set of ups and downs.

Eventually we made it to the Course – a hilly 12km loop that we’d tackle 7 times – and swiftly commenced kicking the shit out of each other.

A pattern quickly established itself with a steady pace being set all the way to the climb then an increased pace over the 3 hills followed by a frantic chase on the downhill for those dropped on the climb. On each pass a few would fail to latch back on – resulting a slowly depleting peleton.


I’d been practising my hills at NTU and was confident at putting out 400 watts for about 90 seconds. This was fine for the first climb – but didn’t go so good for the 2nd and 3rd rollers which I’d completely forgot about. Of the 3, it always seemed to be the 3rd where I’d be gasping the most.

Lap 1 and 2 went well and I even took the KOM on lap 2 – leading to some short term hubris that I could just go for the KOM every lap. Lap 4 was tougher and needed a decent chase from a group of 6 of us to get back on. Lap 5 was when I finally popped in a big way. About 20 guys remained at that point but my legs were like jelly and I could do nothing but pant like a madman as they dropped me on the last hill.

I dragged a few Cat 3 guys round for their final lap before tackling my last lap solo. I took small solace that half the field had popped before me but it was still vaguely shameful to finish 5 mins behind the rest of my team.


Upfront, Nick Swallow had been on a stealthy break that most were unaware off since lap 4. Hish went for a break with Clarson on lap 6 but man of the day went to Ben Arnott who took the win after an attack “like a rocket” on the final circuit. The Allied World boys had come in 5th (Will) and then in various places in the rest of the Top 10. A well deserved clean sweep by the Mavs today – they came with strength-in-depth & a solid plan.

Post race entertainment included some dodgy Taylor Swift karaoke, beers and donuts to round off a fine days racing. The result wasn’t what we wanted but it was still great to be pinning numbers again. Thankfully there’s a slew of new races coming up so a shot at redemption should be imminent.

As always, many thanks to the good people of Cycosports for putting on another fantastic event.

It’s all about the kit

valentine jerseyAs Valentines day is upon us, you’re probably wondering what variety of tight fitting lycra your partner will be buying for you this year, so it may be worth dropping a hint that they should wait a few months until the new ANZA Cycling kit emerges before they splash their cash on the kit you’ve always wanted.

Speaking of kit you’ve always wanted, we’re kinda thinking most of you quite liked this year’s kit so the design shouldn’t radically change but we’d really like to hear from you if you have a different opinion.  Feel free to email with any suggestions you have regarding design or colours as now is the time to get those design ideas into the mixing pot.

This week was the CNY festivities and a 4 day weekend saw Laura “Gordon’s Getaways” Gordon put up a Festive 288.  The results are in and congratulations to everybody who completed the 288 in the 4 days, but particular plaudits to the top of the leader boards:

Greatest Distance(Male) – Phillip M. – 405.8km
Greatest Distance (Female) –  Laura – 304.7km
Fastest Finisher (Male) – Paul Gerrard – 336.8km completed Day 3
Fastest Finisher (Female) – Kathy Campbell – 296.7km completed Day 3
Top Climber – ‘Macca’ McQuade (Chang Mai, stylin’) – 7,092m

So now to the other sort of kit, first aid kit for your bike.  Countless (well 3 actually) breakdowns made me give some thought to what is needed in an emergency spares / tool kit so read on, and it’s not that expensive to ensure you can get yourself home on 2 wheels.

Don’t forget the kit sale next Sunday 21st February 3pm at Food Canopy and while you’re remembering, and thinking about kit and thinking about what spares you have forgotten to pack…

Let’s be careful out there.


What’s in your kit


It seems that I have developed a bit of a reputation for mechanicals either stand alone or brought on through the rapid and unexpected impact of bike and rider with the ground.  So much so that for last Christmas’party, I received the following nomination “for his inability to complete more than 10km of a club inter country ride without some form of mechanical or incident”.  Now this all started on the trip to Mersing where within 10km of getting off the bum boat, my Di2 started misbehaving causing me to have to disconnect the rear and ride the 180km on 2 gears, a feat I’m actually quite proud of!  However the crash on the way back from Mersing which bent the rear derailleur hangar was not such a proud moment.  Once I’d cleared up the blood, or rather once auntie Neridah had cleared up the blood, I was all up for finishing the ride and since I have for some time packed a spare hangar as part of my away kit, thought this would be relatively straightforward.  Unfortunately, one of the 2 small screws was seized and the hangar would not budge.

A couple of weeks later whilst No1 bike was still incapacitated, I took the ever trusty cable operated No2 bike to Bintan for a day trip.  Unfortunately half way into this ride the read gear cable snapped again leaving me with a 2 gear ride until the hills got the better of me and I hopped into the van to be official photographer.

This had me thinking about what we should all be carrying around with us when we ride and what I would want to take along on a longer trip whether car supported or not.

Let’t get started then with what you all should be carrying on every ride in a back pocket, attached to the bike, or in a small saddle bag, and by small

I don’t mean one of these…

saddle bag1I mean one of these…

saddle bag2


So for the basic bare necessities of cycling life you should all be carrying one tube, 2 levers, although some may prefer 3 particularly if you have tightly fitting brand new tyres (that’s tires for the Australians and Americans out there) a pump which can live in your back pocket if you don’t want to disfigure your steed with unnecessary pieces of plastic and a multi-tool which at a minimum should have a 4mm hex for the saddle and handle bar bolts and a cross-head screwdriver to adjust your derailleur screws.  For the time conscious NIK_6547among you, a CO2 cartridge and applicator are handy but given the 50% failure rate of the liveware application of CO2 that’s a purely personal choice.  I won’t put a cost on these as you should all have them, so its a sunk cost already.

That lot should have you sorted for any local rides and of course failing that there is the universal tool kit here in Singapore of $50, a phone with the local taxi company number and a credit card, well,  just in case!

So, why just one tube, what if there is a piece of glass in the tyre (that’s tire for the Australians and Americans out there)?  Well normally we ride in groups and I like to think of tubes as common property so a NIK_6546group of 8 riders = 8 tubes and there is no way the group is getting 8 punctures in one ride.  Remember folks pay it forward, you give a tube today, you get a tube tomorrow.

Right so now we’re starting to stray into the realm of away trip.  There you are cycling in the middle of Japan 50km from Tokyo and civilisation and you rip the sidewall of your tyre (that’s… oh you know where I’m going) you’re royally screwed!  Well not if you have one of these little beauties, a Park Tyre Emergency Boot ($7 for 3).  I know you’re all saying that a $2 note does the same, but believe me it doesn’t, it just doesn’t.  And while you’re ordering these, you might as well get that extra piece of protection and buy the pre-glued patches ($3 for 6) just in case you’re a tri-athlete or you happen to be riding alone and get 2 punctures.

NIK_6548Now, there we were on out theoretical away trip to Japan 50km from Tokyo with a side wall ripped and we’re looking around for who is carrying the spare tyre (that’s… oh never mind I’m never going to win this one in a club called ANZA am I) A quick counting session and we worked out we had somewhere in the region of 18 tubes between us but not one tyre so what should one person in the group be carrying, yes you guessed it, a spare tyre.  Where are you going to put it?  Well with a couple of cable ties they fit very easily under the saddle neatly out of the way, but oh so easily accessible when the inevitable happens.  While you are at it, you might as well carry this little miracle as well ($18), it’s a mini chain tool and will get you out of a sticky situation if you snap your chain.

NIK_6551That has all the cycling certainties out of the way, so let’s move onto the slightly less frequent (you hope) and again, we’re not looking for a complete workshop of tools here, just enough to get you home in most circumstances.  So what do I have here.  Well first there is the brake($1.30) and gear cables($3.30).  If you have them, they take about 2 minutes to fit with your trusty multi-tool.  Don’t worry about the end of the cable, you can coil that up and keep it out of the way.  Next, what if you have 18 tubes all 60mm stems and you have an 80mm wheel, well top left you’ll see a couple of valve extenders ($11 for 2) which will sort you out nicely.  These ones from Fast Forward come with a little tool for tightening the extenders properly.  Middle bottom are a couple of chain links just in case you have to split your chain or can’t trust the tool to put it back together again.  In fact Shimano chains insist on a special link pin, so if you break the chain, you’re going to want one of these babies to sort you out ($4 for a universal chain link or $12 if you want a shiny KMC one)  You’ll see the ubiquitous CR2032 in the middle bottom there.  Not such an essential, but I know some of you out there just cannot ride without your power data and my PowerTap runs on CR2032s.  Top middle you’ll see a pair of brake shoes, just in case one falls out, breaks, you fit it the wrong way around or you’re a timid descender and you simply wear out your blocks.  I also bought a pair of carbon rim blocks.  Again not so essential but you don’t want to get home with a large bill for damaged rims all for the want of a pair of ($6 for 4) carbon pads.  The final item top right is a real gem!  An emergency universal derailleur hangar.  It fits through your quick release skewer at NIK_6552one end and then the derailleur screws into the other end.  It’s not a replacement but it gets you a handful of gear and so will get you home on your bike.  What I like best about this one however is the fact that it doubles as a bottle opener to crack open a couple of cold ones at the end of the adventure! ($32, and worth every cent)

We’re nearly there troops.  The chain is a little heavy but if you have support, why not ($20, remember its an emergency kit, I don’t need the lightest or shiniest).  Cleats just in case, there is nothing more annoying than spending a day not being able to clip in because you forgot to change your worn out cleats, and of course the ever useful roll of electrical tape.  Remember I said just coil up the end of the gear or brake cable, well the tape will make sure it doesn’t come undone again mid ride, get stuck in the wheel and catapult you into an altogether worse situation again.NIK_6553

Finally, and yest I really do mean finally, for those of a delicate disposition who really don’t like to get yourselves greasy, The Gentleman Cyclist recommends a pair of these.

Now I’m keen to know if anybody thinks I’ve forgotten anything, so please leave comments if you think I need to add to the kit, but let’s be honest I’m hoping I never have to use any of it again.

Happy trouble free riding!

Jungle Drums Were Beaten

Junglecross1Delighted to get back to announcing great results for our ANZA members in the first Junglecross of the year.  Unless Phil Routley is just a lot taller than Chris Rawlings, it looks a lot like we should be congratulating Phil for a fantastic 2nd place and Chris for 3rd.  Well done guys!

Next week we hope to have Chris’ account of how he fared in the dirt and how much he paid a small schoolboy to wash all that mud off when he got home (just joking, I think).

Congrats also due to  Raoul Berthillon and Noah Gellner for their 2nd and 3rd places in the Cyclocross race (i.e for the people that actually have a real CX bike).

For another article on this event, Alan Grant has written a great piece which you can find by following this link.

Now it being Chinese New Year, many of you are away but I want to take the chance for a few quick announcements.

  1. Club gear sale – On Sunday February 21st at 3pm we’ll be setting up a little club car boot sale.  Megan has done a stock take and wants to offload as much of the prior year’s kit as she can before starting the 2016 process all over again.  We have items going back to the days of Orange and Black and they will be at knock down prices of $20 per jersey, which is an absolute bargain for a quality jersey.  There is only one condition….  You absolutely cannot wear them on the Saturday club rides.  Wear it on your trainer, wear it with your mates, wear it down the pub, we don’t mind, but Saturday is reserved for this year’s kit.  We will also have club bottles, we hope Stafford will be around with the ANZA socks and I’ll bring along our nice new ANZA Cycling Race clips, which are a better way of securing your race numbers to your jerseys than those nasty safety pins, for those of you going to Phuket or Bintan.  The location will be the Food Canopy Car Park so you can grab a drink and a late Prata while you’re there.  Closer to the date we’ll let you all know what kit is available.
  2. For the Triathletes amongst you, Donna has organised a much needed update to the ANZA Tri Kit.  She is planning a Triathletes try the tri-kit night at Picotin Bukit Timah on Feb 17th at 7.30pm.  Bring $50 per kit as a deposit and then enjoy a couple of drinks on the club.
  3. It being a public holiday weekend, Monday and Tuesday will see regular RTIs depart from Rats Corner at 6am.  Its a good chance to get in 120km before the rest of the family even realises you are gone.  Or perhaps that’s just my family.
  4. And Finally – It’s club breakfast weekend, so see you all at Dimbulah tomorrow morning.

Now don’t eat to many pineapple tarts and above all…

Let’s be careful out there