Time to Junglecross

The first of this year’s series of 5, yes, you read it right, a series of 5 Junglecross events kicks off on Sunday.  If you want to know what Junglecross is all about, take a look here at this excellent write up by all round cycling hardman Arran Pearson.

Junglecross Write Up

The event is run by the great team at Cycosports who have made racing in and around Singapore a real treat in the last few years, so special thanks to them for all their efforts.  You can still sign up on the day if you find yourself at a loose end on Sunday or you could just pop down to see what it’s all about and you’re bound to see some of your ANZA mates putting in some effort.  Now, if it rains you might not recognise them, but hey, everybody deserves a cheer in this event.  And if you are taking part, have a think about sending us a write up, it is always good to get some new contributions.  Send anything to anzacycling.rti.ed@gmail.com.

Take a look here for details and registration http://www.cycosports.com/jungle-cross-1.html

The rest of this week is dedicated to details of an exclusive ANZA training offer from CrankPunk and a write up on that mysterious product pitstop that all serious cyclists carry, all hope never to use and apparently few use successfully.  Read on for more.

Finally a quick reminder if you missed it late last year, but we’re planning a number of trips so take a look at these and make space in your diary if any take your fancy

Feb 27 2016 – Bintan Day Trip
March 12 & Sept 10 2016 – The ‘New to 100km’ Desaru Day Trip (specifically designed for the 26-28km av riders looking to increase their distance. Supported by a number of experienced ANZA riders)
March 18-20 2016 – Tour de Phuket
April 29 – May 1 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
May 20 – 24 2016 – Sun Moon Lake Trip (Taiwan)
June 18-19 2016 – Mersing Trip
July 30 2016 – Desaru Day Trip
Sept 23-25 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
Nov 25-27 2016 – ANZA Club Championship (TBC)

Back to normal after Christmas, so…..
Let’s be careful out there

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