CrankPunk | ANZA Training Special

ANZA has an ongoing special deal with our preferred coaching partner – Crankpunk Coaching solutions. Crankpunk is ex-professional rider Lee Rodgers. In addition to his cycling training, he’s also a key part of the Taiwan KOM organisation & a well known cycling journalist and blogger.

Crankpunk has coached a number of ANZA riders in the past and testimonials from a few of the ANZA peleton are available at:

ANZA has a standard 20% discount available for members taking coaching packages with Crankpunk. To kick the year-off, we’ve secured an even better deal to help you get in form for Bintan and the plethora of upcoming events.


First up is a 12 week SPRING Training Capsule, working on stamina and endurance in the first phase, power in the second and speed in the third. It’s designed to get the rider in the best possible shape within a time frame of 8-12 available training hours per week. My training is tested and tried and will also facilitate fat loss over the 12 weeks, so you’ll be ready for your spring challenges looking mean and lean!

Cost is usually $120, Special Offer to ANZA members $90 US.

Next is a special New Year offer on my 1-2-1 Fully Personalised training package. This involves Skype calls every week, with each week’s training plans written especially for you, focusing on finding the optimal schedule. If you want to get stronger, faster and fitter in the shortest possible time, this is the plan for you.

Usually this 1-2-1 coaching pack is $50 per week, but for ANZA Members you can receive a whopping 30% off the first 8 weeks, making it $35 US per week! Thereafter will be the usual discount price of $40 per week for ANZA members.

Finally, we have the 4-week SPRING Blaster Special. Again fully-personalised, this is for those unsure about committing for a whole 12 weeks or for those with a very specific goal in mind. We chat about your needs, and then get blasting away to get your form to jump significantly in the 4 weeks. The intensity of the training is up to you, depending on your goals and present condition. Price is $25 per week with 2 Skype calls over the 4 weeks to monitor progress. After this 4 week period if you want to continue in this way, we revert to the usual In-Betweener plan, which is still personalised, cost is $30 per week with the bi-monthly catch up calls.

Feel free to email Lee at with any questions or advice. You can also read testimonials here:

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