Sharpen your pencil

CalendarThe main news is the report from Arran of the recent Singapore Junglecross event, so read on for that gem, but a few of updates for you before you get to that.

First and foremost, make sure you save Saturday 12th December it’s the club Christmas Party, be there or be sent to Coventry.  Those with kids can block out from 4pm with the adults event starting at 6.30.

Second, we’ve been busy at work in a wee sub-group talking about next years trips so pencil some of these into your diaries.

Feb 27 2016 – Bintan Day Trip
March 12 & Sept 10 2016 – The ‘New to 100km’ Desaru Day Trip (specifically designed for the 26-28km av riders looking to increase their distance. Supported by a number of experienced ANZA riders)
March 18-20 2016 – Tour de Phuket
April 29 – May 1 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
May 20 – 24 2016 – Sun Moon Lake Trip (Taiwan)
June 18-19 2016 – Mersing Trip
July 30 2016 – Desaru Day Trip
Sept 23-25 2016 – Kuala Lumpur Trip (new route, new climbs, new pain)
Nov 25-27 2016 – ANZA Club Championship (TBC)

And third, thanks to Dave Powell, please beware of a new grate in the left most lane of Upper Thomson road just before Thomson Plaza.  The grill is in the direction of travel, is narrower than a wheel but might cause your wheel to slip in line with it.  No accidents there please now you’ve been warned.

So with that, prepare yourself for a weekend of clear skies and riding (hopefully no rain) and…

Let’s be careful; out there.

1 thought on “Sharpen your pencil

  1. Are the dates for TdB known yet? Would be good to include so that that leave passes and general planning of which events to attend can be pencilled in without any clashes.

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