Call for nominations

NominateFurther to last weeks post, where we asked you to start thinking about nominations, you were all obviously thinking hard, but now we’d like you to stop thinking and send your suggestions to us.

Awards fall into two categories as usual.


The Serious – Please let us know your nominations for:
Most improved male cyclist
Most improved female cyclist
Female Triathlete
Male Triathlete
Best male rider (doesn’t have to be fastest or toughest, could be the one who met all their goals for the year etc.)
Best female rider
Best male MTB
Best female MTB
Club member of the year – For all round contribution to ANZA Cycling

The not-so Serious
You decide, any humorous or notorious event worthy of a certificate and some playful ribbing

Please send nominations for all the above to

Talking of Christmas, a bundle of presents arrived today, what shall I do with these?

image1 (2)

And with that teaser, it only remains to say….

Let’s be careful out there.


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