Yes, Yes it is nearly Christmas again

christmas countdownOk, let’s get the articles out the way up front for a change.  We have a great write up of the Taiwan KOM from Dione, demonstrating our RTI principle that if you’re an ANZA member we’ll claim the credit for your achievements no matter what jersey you’re wearing at the time.  Don has news of the strange sport called cyclocross which for us takes place in a jungle as we don’t have any sand dunes in Singapore.  And following some confusion after the reintroduction of ride captains to our rides, The Gentleman Cyclist returns with useful information on how to settle the arguments.

Now on to the exciting topic of Xmas and the ANZA Cycling party.  Please start thinking and nominating your thoughts for awards.  Awards fall into two categories as usual.

The Serious – Please let us know your nominations for:
Most improved male cyclist
Most improved female cyclist
Female Triathlete
Male Triathlete
Best male rider (doesn’t have to be fastest or toughest, could be the one who met all their goals for the year etc.)
Best female rider
Best male MTB
Best female MTB
Club member of the year – For all round contribution to ANZA Cycling

The not-so Serious
You decide, any humorous or notorious event worthy of a certificate and some playful ribbing

Please send nominations for all the above to

Finally, please check out Facebook for Neridah’s post.  After a serious uptick in the number of weekend away rides we have run this year, we hope those that took part enjoyed them and would like to help keep the bike rolling.  If so, we’d like your help to fashion the 2016 ride calendar and of course a few volunteers to make them happen.  No experience necessary, just bags of enthusiasm and an ability to answer the 50th email asking “have you booked me a hotel room?” with a smile and a wave.

Ok that’s it from me except of course the usual

Let’s be careful out there.

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