Ride Captain Update

Ride CaptainsThis week, a group of some of our longer serving club members met to talk about the subject of ride captains and how to help keep our standard club rides operating as expected.

In clubs all over the world, ride captains emerge through a process of length of service and gravitas to become the patrons of the peloton in which they ride.  You’ll have the gnarly member with 20 years under his belt who has ridden the same ride at the same speed every Saturday for most of his life and who by his very presence guarantees that everybody knows exactly what to expect when they join his ride.  Anybody who steps out of line gets a rapid rebuke and everything carries on as normal.

Our club is a little different due to the rapid turnover of members in Singapore, we often lack that stability and so standard rides have a habit of getting out of control or what was a 30 km/h ride becomes a 34 km/h ride without anybody noticing and to the detriment of those unsuspecting members who choose to join intermittently, or new members who look at the ride schedule, only to be blown out the back of the ride after 2 km.

A big part of keeping the rides as expected is to maintain the safety and security on the ride, and so we spent a couple of hours thinking about what we wanted to do.  Not unexpectedly, we concluded that it comes down to having somebody who takes responsibility for keeping the ride, and riders, in line and running to the advertised speed, and so, over the coming weeks, you’re going to start seeing some people identify themselves as the ride captain for the Saturday rides, asking if there is anybody new, briefing on the way the ride will run, and trying to make sure things run as expected.

So all we ask is that you respect that everybody wants to enjoy the ride, the ride captain is simply trying to make sure that happens and to keep the group safe.  Over time, we want to make sure that our ride captains have a good level of first aid training so they can deal with any unfortunate circumstances as best they can.

More information will be coming over the next few weeks.

Now, this week, we have a great write up of the Masters Tour of Chang Mai where we had great performances for the ANZA Cycling squad.

I’ve been busy posting OneLifeiDs, if you haven’t ordered yours yet, make sure you drop Neridah a line asking for instructions and your code.

Last of all, it looks like it might be a haze free weekend, so get outside and ride, but of course…

Let’s be careful out there.

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