New Races. OneLife.

A shortish RTI this week as we’re lacking in content & the ongoing haze continues to hamper road action.

For those desperate for a bit of racing, the inaugural OCBC Super Sprints event is still on this evening at the go-kart track at Turf City. They’ll announce the final go decision at 3pm on the Facebook page but as long as PSI is < 200 then it’s on. Details here:

Cycosports also announced the rescheduled Jungle Cross Cyclocross/mtb event. Its now taking place on the Deepavali public holiday – the Tuesday after Tour De Bintan. As we should all be in peak form, theres no excuse to miss that. Entry is cheap and you’ll be home in 30 minutes:

Flyer Page 2Finally, just a reminder that all Anza financial members are eligible for a free OneLife Id. OneLifeID is similar to Road ID and it’s a way of letting first responders in an accident know who you are & relevant information about you.  If you haven’t got one yet and give a remote damn about road safety then recommend clicking this link for info on how to claim one:

Hopefully see you all at Food Canopy tomorrow morning. Start rain dancing now!

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