The secret rules for calling a Singapore ride

We shamelessly stole the idea (and some of the content) for this article from the excellent Cycling Tips blog. Their article is much better than ours & well worth a read:

call rideWith the bipolar on again/off again nature of the Haze, impromptu rides are now being called a lot more frequently.  Sometimes they happen but the rapid pollution oscillations often result in a short notice cancellation and a few frustrated riders sitting waiting.

Heres our suggestions for calling a good group ride without looking like a dick. Note this is for personal rides and totally not related to Anza group rides which are obviously all far more organized and well defined.

1. The person who calls the ride first gets to pick the route, time and meeting place. The exact route is negotiable, but not the time and meeting place after the ride is called. He/she who calls it first, wins. Anyone that tries to divert it in subsequent posts is an arse and should be ignored.

2. Punctuality is king. Nobody likes waiting around for others. If you’re more than 1 minute late then you’re chasing TT style. There will be no soft pedaling either to make it easy for you to get on. WTFU next time.

3. If you said you’re coming and subsequently had a heavier night than expected, drop the group a Message so we know. Vital if you were the initial Organiser. (Although we’re still not waiting)

4. If one of the group is on a curfew then it’s their problem. Stick to the original plan and let the softie turn off early (unless the ride was harder than we all expected and we’re all secretly happy for a short one – see the Uncle Pete Bartley Kranji for a regular example).

5. if you’re bringing a new mate along, then you’re ultimately responsible for them knowing where to go. We’ll wait up once but beyond that, you need look after your friend. If you join without knowing anyone, then you should know roughly where you’re going in case you get dropped.

6. New guy is allowed to win the sprint and we should proactively tell him where it is going to be. Make it fair and ride with honour.

7. The post-ride coffee stop may be chosen by someone other than the one who called the ride. This should be central for all. No coffee is worth a 15 minute + ride out of our way.

8. If it rains /haze is above the agreed threshold then cancellation is acceptable. Post it on the group chat at least 30 mins before the meet time. If still dry but rain radar is showing red or purple then cancellation also acceptable. Drizzle or the threat of rain is not unless you’re made off sugar. Agree a haze go/no-go number the night before.

What other suggestions would you add? Post them below and we’ll add to the list.

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