Smog stops play – Again

foggyWell dear readers let’s hope for a better one this weekend.  As I look out my window in a filtered, air conditioned office, it looks all too familiar.  I can almost feel the chill and the dampness of a cold wet foggy English autumn/winter day with frost on the ground and not being able to see past the end of the carpark.  Then I remember it’s 30c Outside and this is all due to forest burning in Indonesia.  Fear no though, we are not Moderate-Verticalalone, and it doesn’t take setting fire to a rainforest to send the pollution index up, a check of London’s air quality shows that it is forecast as only moderate quality for Friday.  At least here we can see the air, and I always like to think you should never trust something you cannot see 😉

Anyway, the smog (see I’m refusing to use the warm and fluffy word haze) has put an end to most organised sporting events for the time being so we have little to report.  For my part I survived a 4 day trip to Japan and Mt. Fuji, and more importantly managed to survive all of Bjorn’s attempts to kill me with food that came from no identifiable part of an animal.  But those tales are going to have to wait until next week as when you take a couple of days off, the work never goes away and this week was payback time.

So, we have posted an article suggested by one of our members, many of you may have seen it before, on the lost art of the group ride.  Periodically we bemoan the way that our club rides degenerate into thrash fests, and this just serves to show that we are not alone and we need to take a step back every now and then and reinstate the group ride the way it was meant to be.

Anyway, if you plan to brave the pollution this weekend, see you on the road, and either way…

Let’s be careful out there.

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