No news is good news?

All too familiar a feeling on our roads.

A brief lull at RTI towers, no races to report, no major events, and even those that were planned for last weekend were postponed due to the clouds of smoke from the burning forests in Indonesia.

Just a couple of announcements.

  1. Good luck to Our membership director, Neridah as she sets off for 508 miles in America. Check out the profile, and you can follow The Tasnedian Devil on facebook.profile
  1. Roads shot to pieces for F1. To many closures to list, but cut through middle road (I think) on you way back from Changi if that’s where you are headed tomorrow.
  1. Not long to Bintan. For those of you tackling the Red Road to Hell in a few weeks, it’s probably time you started arranging some group rides with your ANZA team mates. I’m not riding it this year, so it would be great if somebody who is would take up the baton for Cat 3 this year.
Don’t tell me you haven’t all thought this when you pass the camera on the way to Sentosa.

And then finally, I saw this cartoon on facebook which lead me to think I could fill a few pages with cartoons using the power of Google.  It proved surprisingly hard, so I thought I’d ask you lot out there in reader land if you’d like to submit your favourite cycling related cartoons to and we’ll start a regular cartoon of the week entry to give you a laugh.

I like the fact I had no accidents to report, so as usual, lets be carful out there.


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