Is it really nearly Christmas?

cycling santa1Well it seems it is nearly Christmas, or so our diligent club secretary tells us.

Getting in there early to avoid any charges that we didn’t give you enough time to plan.  The club Christmas Party is planned for Saturday 12th December, so please save the date in your diaries to celebrate before you all head off to different parts of the world.

More importantly start thinking about who you want to nominate for frivolous awards, or what antics you need to get up to to be nominated.  More info will be available in the coming weeks.

This week we had the club TT championships, full details are in the post below dedicated to this.  Congratulations to our new club champions (no names, you have to read!)

We also have an awesome writeup of what it’s like to ride 1230km from Paris to Brest and back again in a single ride.  Read on if your backside aches after an RTI, feel his pain.

There are a host of road closures this Sunday which we have detailed below for you, so the Sunday Social will be taking a slightly different route to the west coast, Dave and me are still bickering about the best way there but we’ll sort it out by Sunday .

The first ever OCBC Speedway event is part of this weekends proceedings. It kicks off at 12.30 Saturday at National Stadium (next to Nichol highway) for those interested in coming along and watching some high speed shenanigans.

The committee met this week and one of the topics we have long talked about reviving is having a more formal “Ride Captain” structure to try to reign in some of the more rebellious behaviors that we often see and to help keep the bunches safe.  We may be tapping a few people on the shoulder to ask if they would take on a slightly more formal role of el capitan of their bunch, but if you have a strong feeling that you’d like to be involved, do drop Stafford, our Road Director and email at with an essay on why you are qualified, your CV and an undraped photo.  On second thoughts forget the essay and CV.  The ride captain would, amongst other things, be asked to take part in the first aid sessions so that we can have somebody in a bunch who knows what to do in an emergency.

Finally, a reminder to new members, and some older ones who still haven’t signed up, that the club offers free medical bracelets from OneLifeiD so that we can make sure in an emergency we can get in touch with somebody and also get you bike back home 😉  Click [here] for the information on that.

With that, read on, enjoy, and…
Let’s be careful out there!


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