Anza Championship TT | Open category

Donald Macdonald

In theory, the logistics for the TT looked simple. Hook up with Pierre and Raoul, ride 5km to the bus pick up and then get an easy bus ride to the TT with plenty of spare time to warm up. The reality involved a missed bus, a chase to the border, an incursion with immigration officials after we took the wrong lane and a briefly lost Employment Pass. It bordered on Mister Bean farce at times. Umpteen apologies to the crowd that took the bus and spent an hour waiting in scenic JB for our eventual arrival…

Eventually we made it to Pasir Gudang but had less than 15 minutes to the start which made the warm up less than optimal. One lap of the track and one lap of the bathroom and I was as ready as I was gonna be…

This race was the 1st outing for the new Allied World CCN team kit and pressure was on for a result – especially with Allied World main man Iain MacLeod in attendance! The overcast weather was a boon but I still found myself dripping with sweat behind the full visor helmet by lap 5.


As with every TT, I said that I’d temper the 1st lap and not go out too hard. I did feel like I was holding back on lap 1 but managed a 41 average. By lap 2 though, I found that there was definitely less in the tank and I was never going to be upping the pace. A 5.44 lap, Became a 5.52 and then a 6.05 pretty quickly…

Not much to say about the race. 10 laps of the 3.8km circuit but with the constantly changing gradient and wind, I found it impossible to get into a good rhythm and was never able to grind it out like a Changi TT. I was happy with the consistent lap times which were all mostly within a 5 second range of each other. The only minor moment of excitement coming when my bar tape completely unravelled and I peeled it off mid race.

The high number of riders on the track also allowed the chance to regularly pick off rabbits on the road which gave a bit of a buzz. Pierre did the same to me on lap 5 when he came past and immediately dropped me like a bomb.


I made it to 6th in Open at the end. 4 minutes behind Pierre and about 2 minutes off the podium. 1:00:03 for the 38km – although I then also did an extra lap as I wasn’t sure that I’d done 10!

First outing in the new kit and 1st podiums – with PA taking Open victory and Hish 3rd in Masters. A good day topped off with some fine Anza beers.


The event itself seemed like a great success despite the limited numbers (60) registered. Some fine promotion by Megan had pulled in a sizable women’s field and we had a lot of riders trying their first TT and first race. One brave soul even completed the course on a hybrid which took real guts!


some stellar performances were also laid down by Alexander Jaeschke, Stale Nore, Phil Routley, Peter Mcquade and many others – showing that a dedicated TT bike was not essential for a good time.

Overall club champions 2015 were as follows:


  • 1st: Neridah Lock
  • 2nd: Laura Gordon
  • 3rd: Megan Kinder



  • 1st: Pierre Alain Scherwey
  • 2nd: Donald Macdonald
  • 3rd: Alexander Jaeschke


Many thanks to Anza committee for supporting the idea and putting considerable funds behind it.


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