ANZA Club Championship – next week!

RTI is back from it’s extended summer break. Rather than bore you with what we’ve been up to, we’ll use today to push the upcoming Club Championship.

It’s now just 8 days to the ANZA Allied World TT Championship – taking place next week at at the Pasir Gudang circuit in JB. Places are still available for those interested in signing up.


Just a reminder that this event is free for ANZA members – including entry and bus transfer travel. If you’re a financial member then simply click on the Photo above and use the code “anza”  during registration.

The TT is open to all clubs and individuals and it would be great to see more representation from our friends in Cannasia, Joyriders, Ascenders, Lapierre, Cycle Training Asia, 4T2 and the Mavs to make it an even more competitive day.

Pasir Gudang is a motor racing circuit with very wide corners. As it’s slightly hilly, owning a TT bike might not be any advantage and so we hope this encourages more members to take part. The circuit will be raced in the same direction as the previous Cycosports events & this will take out any sharp downhill corners.

The TT will have a full Cycosports award ceremony for all participants from all clubs. We’ll then do an additional ceremony purely for Anza participants to award the Anza Allied World Club champions. So if you do a great ride, you could potentially be going home with 2 trophies on the day!

Be awesome to see the members there in numbers for what promises to be a great days racing. This is the 1st club championship in years – don’t miss out on being part of it!

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