Time to Accessorise

image5You’ll have seen the Facebook post but here we get to elaborate a bit.

after spending thousands on your bike do you top it off before heading out for the day with accessories that look like this?







Or this?








Or do you take pride in your bike like this?







or this?







Either way the time has come for you to get your matching ANZA bottles.

If you want to find out more of the trials and tribulations that went into getting the humble bottle to your bike, read the post further on in this weeks RTI.

A quick reminder of the upcoming ANZA club TT championship.  See this post for details & how you can enter for free [ANZA Allied World Club Championship]

In addition, we’ve got a couple of reports from last week’s Trifactor race that took place on a great new course on Nicol Highway.

But the star of the week probably has to go to last weekend’s PM Blast ride with Tony Abbott.

No road closures that we know of this week, so as always

Let’s be careful out there


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