FRANZA is dead, long live FRANZA

AGMAs is all too often the case on this sunny island that we inhabit, another ANZA friend is departing and so this week we have the tales of Nico’s farewell ride that he nearly didn’t make it too in KL.  Don’t worry though FRANZA, just like buses, there’ll be another Frenchman along sometime soon.

We also have an account of epic mountains from Bruce Swales. Not bad for a man that had a heart attack just a few weeks back.

Apart from those, the only real news this week was the AGM.  A great turnout spurred on by the offer of free wine beer and pizza I’m sure, but there were presentations, questions, and giveaways from our sponsors at Focus Pilates and Allied World Assurance.  But most of all there was camaraderie, banter and good company.

Good luck to any racing in the Tri-Factor Bike race this weekend, and we hope it doesn’t get cancelled at the last minute again. I hear it may not be worth going to bed for since you have to get up so early 😉

Ok, enough from me, on to the stories!

Let’s be careful out there


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