Changi Coast Road – behold the future.

Thanks to Colin Alexander for giving us a heads up on this article.


Anyone that has ridden a Changi recently might have noticed that the previous beautiful greenery of the tree lined avenue has disappeared. If not, the now ferocious (by Singapore standards) wind blowing in your face will make you wish that the surprisingly large windblock defence of the old treeline would come back. In short, the entire stretch is now effectively one long building site and as barren as a moonscape.

The Straits Times article below gives a good summary of what’s being developed on Changi for the airport Terminal 4 and 5 and changes that we can expect to the road network there over the coming years. Some good news (a new longer, wider Changi Coast Road) but definitely with more traffic and the likelihood of some more complex junction systems to navigate.

It’s well worth a read to see what the future holds.

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