Under The Helmet | Nico Las

DSCN1656You see them on the bike but who are the people behind the helmet. Nicolas Chaste, and saying goodbye at the same time.

Who are you?

Nico Las it’s derived from my actual first name.

Where are you from and how long have you been in Singapore?

I’m from Paris, a city in France mostly known as the finish line of Le Tour. I spent a bit more than 2 years in Singapore. Sad to leave in one month, but happy to move to a city in France mostly known as the finish line of Le Tour.

How long you been riding?

I’ve been riding commuter bikes in Paris since I was a student. Cheap, super-fast and beer-proof. In 2011 while living in Perth the colleagues I was riding with told me I’d be faster with a proper road bike. ANZA is the first cycling club that I joined and I owe it a lot: I learned the etiquette with Adrian Muir, the language with Alan Benson, and the chivalry with Mike “Toro” Sewell.

Whats in your bike cabinet?

Focus Izalco Pro 1.0 my first and only road bike.

Cinelli Hoy Hoy Rats

Cardboard-collecting-uncle tricycle (which is only used for secret Franza underground training sessions).

Greatest cycling achievement?

Tour of Friendship 2015 (Thailand). 35th out of 36 finishers in my age cat. Sketchy sometimes but I had a great time amongst  passionate cyclists.

Worst crash?

I only crashed once after a long Saturday ride at a pace above my level (note: know your limits). I hope I won’t crash again to decide which was worst.

Most embarrassing moment in life?

Right now when I think about all the embarrassing moments in my life.

Most embarrassing moment on a bike?

When I realised in the middle of a ride that my most loved Franza bib was past its age limit.

If your life was a film, what would it be?

Lost In Translation. Apply that to a few countries where I have worked.

Motto in life?

Seize the day

Motto on the bike?


Words of wisdom for the club members?

This is not a race, but the first at the top wins.

What’s the last song you’d play before a race to motivate yourself?

Standing on the verge of getting it on (George CIinton)

If your life were a film, who would you want to play you?

Mark Losi, she’s such a great actress. And my twin brother Colin Alexander for the stunts.

Favourite SG ride and why?

Dave Powell’s social reverse Kranji recovery ride. Double it and it becomes the Double Franza. Because it makes me recover twice faster.

Where can you be found when not on the bike?

1. Having a skinny soy latte in some hipster coffee shop. I keep espressos for when I am with fellow club members.

2. Playing with my Japanese-run-New-Orleans-inspired-Singapore-based brass band.

Best ride in the region that you have done?

1. Cycosport’s Tour de Kepri

2. Losi’s Fraser

3. Kari’s Eddies

4. Double Franza

Cycling ambition still to be tackled?

I have a huge bucket list of cycling trips. Taiwan, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland. But since I have never ridden in the country mostly known as Le Tour, and I’m moving back there, I’ll put Mont Ventoux at the top of the list.

Oh and I would really like to make a podium in TOF one day because the porcelain trophies are absolute must-haves.

3 words which best describe you?




(in any order)

Nico – you’re leaving the country soon. Where are you heading off to & when?

To Paris, a city in France mostly known as the finish line of Le Tour. Moving at the end of June.

What’s this Franza thing all about & what’s going to happen without it’s leader (you)

Franza was the codename for the promotion of French language at the front of the ANZA peloton. It is now a training program for champions, based on double recovery rides and underground tricycle exercises. This not-secret organisation will survive me in Singapore as long as there will be Raoul Bertillon and other fast French speaking cyclists around. Craig Cameron qualifies as French speaking because he knows how to say “Allez Allez Allez”. Franza did well in Batam 6 Bridges. Franza has international ambitions in the country mostly known as Le Tour, but that will be announced later.

1 thought on “Under The Helmet | Nico Las

  1. We’re going to miss you, Nico. Make sure you have room for ANZA members to stay during, before and after le tour.

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