The State Of Fun

Mike Sewell

So if you are looking for a ride with no traffic lights, smooth road surfaces, undulating terrain, minimal traffic, where do you head for? Malaysia, Bintan, Batam. No the answer is on your doorstep – Sentosa


Ride details:

  • Tuesday 0545 Ranger Station Sentosa Gateway
  • Distance – approx. 35 km
  • Speed – variable, between steady, fast & faster.

For those of you unfamiliar with the State of Fun it is the ‘catchy’ description for Sentosa, not sure how long it took those highly paid advertising executives to come up with that slogan but it was worth every dollar – right?

Prior to moving to Sentosa I had hardly ridden on the Island as I was stuck in a never ending cycle of West Coast 32,s, Eddies/Edwinas interspersed with the East Coast blast to spice things up a bit.  Sentosa being compact allowed me to explore pretty quickly & formulate a cunning plan to give me a ride that would be enjoyable but still be hard enough to make it meaningful.  This would also save me getting my arse kicked on the East Coast Blast, so a win – win situation.

The ride starts at the Ranger Station as you enter Sentosa Gateway, there is a small layby which allows a safe waiting place. We head across the Gateway & through the toll barriers, (entrance is free before 0700) & we start the first climb up to a left turn onto Artillery Avenue, heading straight we lead onto Allanbrooke Road, good rolling section with a recovery downhill before our first left turn which takes us on past our Club Sponsors Picotins premises & we do our first U turn in front of the W Hotel.


Retrace back to Allanbrooke Road & that nice recovery downhill becomes an uphill slog, continue along to the roundabout & a left turn puts us on a steady climb up to Sentosa Golf Club, quick left turn into the Car park, avoid the Bentleys & the Maserati,s etc  & descend back to a sharp left & down to Tanjong Beach, sweeping left turn takes us onto the flat section along the beach, avoid the barrier & the Kayakers & after a roundabout turn retrace back up the climb & back onto Artillery Avenue.

This is not a recovery section as the road rises slightly as you head towards Resorts World, following Siloso Road we turn left onto Imbiah Road, which is a short sharp climb & a roundabout at the top gives you a chance to draw breath & head for a descent down towards the Shangri La, a few speedbumps keep you focused before another roundabout U turn & climb back up the hill you have just descended. This is a tough section before a left turn back onto Siloso Road offers you a brief respite as you retrace back to the starting point at the exit road onto Sentosa Gateway.

That’s the end of Lap 1. Most weeks we do around 2.5 laps with most riders leaving the Island by around 0700. The ride has been scheduled now for around 5 months & attracts anywhere from 1 rider to around 8.

It is a drop ride (I am a witness to that every week) but as it is on a circuit you can shortcut to rejoin the group or suffer in silence off the back. There is a hard core of regulars who keep the pace up & it is perhaps the only ride midweek where you can get 75 minutes of traffic light free fun.

See you on Tuesday

2 thoughts on “The State Of Fun

  1. Hi Mike,
    Do these Sentosa rides still happen regularly? I’m looking to add in a few weekday morning rides, and I’d be much obliged if you could put me in touch with some regulars on this ride.

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