After a hectic few weeks of racing, it has gone quiet at RTI towers so we can get out some long overdue updates.

Now ANZA Cycling, as you know is an Australian society that tolerates New Zealanders, and being as it is in Singapore, and on this 50th anniversary of SG we should remember that if Singapore weren’t here then we wouldn’t be here either ūüėČ (memorable quote from the VOTYs that one).

It seems that we have have been suffering from a bit of an influx of the French recently.  Since racial harmony in the peloton is a top priority, we have deemed that the French should be like handbags.  That is to say, when a new one comes in, and old one must go out, and so having instigated the formation of FRANZA, he has brought this on himself and it is with much sadness that we must commence the process of saying goodbye to Nico.  And what better way to say goodbye than to post a long overdue Under The Helmet so we can get to know him just as he leaves our island.

Ok ramble over, you can read the rest in the Under The Helmet profile. ¬†On top of that, we have news from one of this year’s sponsors, Swift Carbon and Toro gives us a lowdown on how to get fit in Sentosa without ever setting wheel off the island.

Good luck to those in Taiwan this weekend, I hope the weather is kind and the mountains aren’t too steep

As mentioned last week, steer clear of Tuas, but the rest of the rides should be fine for the weekend.

And for my final words – Buy the bibs!

Let’s be careful out there…


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