What a good start to the year

No I am not talking about ANZA Cyclings accident record, which unfortunately has not been so good the first half of the year, I am of course referring to our record on the race track, or the road race to be more precise.

Podiums Galore at the Batam 6 Bridges last weekend

Congratulations to Craig “Big Guns” Cameron, for his win in Cat 2, good job mate, but you may have to get a license for those thighs now.

More podiums with Victor Michel and Jonathan “Hoops” Hooper taking 2nd and 3rd in Cat 3 and with the Cat 3 team walking away with the team prize, well done to all of you.

Full results as follows:

Cat 1
4th Pierre-Alain Scherwey
11th  Peter Bennett
19th Donald Macdonald
24th Hish Scarff
26th Raoul Berthillon

Cat 2
1st  Craig Cameron
33rd Frank Stevenaar
36th Massimo Nanni
44th Klaus Gohra
56th Alex Thieme

Cat 3
2nd Victor Michel
3rd Jonathan Hooper
5th Nigel Taylor
9th Pece Tasevski
32nd Bill Olver
43rd Philip Morris
45th Derek Donaldson
84th Johan Hundertmark
87th Howard Wallis
90th Bjorn Engelhardt (Riding undercover for The Cranks)

In terms of road closures for this weekend, we have these words of wisdom from Dave “Road Report” Powell “None [road closures] for the normal Anza rides, but anyone thinking of a Tuas variation should think twice.  Tuas South Avenues 2, 4, 5 6 & 7 will all be closed during the next four Saturdays.  Times vary, but usually in the morning.”

With all the good results we have race reports from Cat 1 and Cat 2.  Cat 3 were clearly just too tired after the exertion to put pen to paper for us, but we’d be happy to see a late submission next week from anybody, particularly anybody who was racing for the first time. Write ups, articles, points of interest, questions to anzacycling.rti.ed@gmail.com

Finally, the gentleman cyclist has some pointed words regarding punctures which everybody would be advised to read.

Lets be careful out there…


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