OCBC Teach a Child to Ride

Duncan Howard

Just a small write up of an activity I very much enjoyed. After signing  my girls up for the kids ride at the upcoming OCBC Cycle I was inundated with mails from OCBC offering all kind of workshops: cooking, photography and rides. But also a workshop where you could help a child learn to cycle.


The event was held outside Kallang Wave on apptly named OCBC Square. The children there are already enrolled in various charities OCBC supports (Singapore Children’s Society, TRUEfund, Thye Hua Kuan Moral Charities and Yu Neng Primary School).

There were about 30 children ranging in age from 8-12 years old and most of them had little or no experience riding a bike. Bicycles, helmets and knee guards where provided by OCBC (unfortunately as seems the norm in Singapore the bicycles where on the small side).  As you arrived you received a t-shirt and a manual on how you could best help the children. Each volunteer was assigned one child to help. After a group warm up you set of with your kid and could use a course set with some cones to get the kids going. The kids who were mastering the bike already went for a short ride around Kallang Wave. For the last of the three sessions we were welcomed by pouring rain and a thunderstorm.

We started with a tour of the stadium and got to get a look in the OCBC VIP lounge from where we could see the practice for the SEA games opening night (no pictures please!). Then everyone got on the bike and we cycled to the barrage. I was surprised to see how well all the kids did, no major crashes and everyone managed to cycle the whole route (this after only three sessions!).


The volunteers mainly consisted of OCBC employees and a handful of non-OCBC volunteers. I think we had every kind of cyclist: mountainbikers, triathletes, roadies, foldies, city bikes and even bike-less volunteers.


It was great to see the amount of time and effort the people at OCBC put into this and the enthusiasm of the kids as they managed to ride their bike. And their bike is a key term here, OCBC is offering people a chance to gift a bike to the children that participated. They will get a brand-new bike and helmet, see the link for more details.



So I hope that OCBC will have this event again next year, I will definitely join and can recommend you do so too!

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