Product Review | RaceDots

The search for every little edge to improve our riding leads to some strange places. After finally getting myself a cool solution to my long vexing search for a bike race number holder, I recently found myself sucked into the dark and murky world of jersey numbers. Safety pins are last centuries news and I wanted something more hi-tech. And pink.

A bit of Googling, 7 days of waiting and I was the proud owner of a set of RaceDots. Just in time for some battle testing in the 40 degree heat of Thailands Tour of Friendship.


RaceDots are designed to hold your number in place on your jersey – mostly for cycling but I’m sure they’d do great for that evil running thing too. They’re basically superstrong magnets that come in 2 parts and safely secure the jersey between them – doing away with faffing around with pins and making holes in the jersey pockets.

Upon arrival, the first thing that struck me was the strength of the magnets. Even getting them to separate from the packaging was pretty hard. I have no doubt that if you ever have urgent need to wipe a hard drive Jason Bourne style or need to quickly destroy some adult material before mum uses the computer, the Race dots could certainly do the job. This might be an issue if you keep a phone or credit card in the back pocket too…

I must say say they looked pretty cool. Multiple colors were available to ensure you get something matching your kit or bike. They were a bit heavy though so avoid if you’re a total weight weenie.

Attaching them and getting the number smooth and positioned right was a doddle. It looked pro and saved me endless amounts (well 5 minutes) of pinning and unpinning my numbers each night. That was welcomed as I was a total washout after every stage with fingers that felt like Monster Munch crisps.

Despite the nuclear powered magnets inside, they didn’t seem to do the job as I’d expect and i always seemed to have at least one flappy number corner by the end of each stage.

imageOverall, they’re a good novelty. Not worth the $50 including shipping but worth getting if you’ve bought everything else on Wiggle and absolutely, positively have to buy something.

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