Celebrating Tour of Friendship Victory!

imageBig news this week from the Tour of Friendship and the ANZA Cycling new 2015 / 16 kit is finally out in the wild, you can read more about the journey to production and the kit launch later, but first, as Don knows being a Scot, we English are a fickle bunch when it comes to sporting results.  Murray is British when he wins and Scottish when he loses.  Zola Budd was British when it looked like she might win us an Olympic medal, clearly South African when she fouled that American chick and didn’t.  And so, being a Brit, I make no apology for saying that Pierre-Alain would have been from “that Team Direct Asia bunch” had any other result unfolded, but it didn’t, and hence ANZA Cycling is delighted to claim victory in the Open category of the Tour of Friendship!

Listening to Cavendish though, we all know this is a team sport, so as well as huge congratulations to PA for the overall victory, we want to say well done and thanks to the Open team, without whom PAs victory wouldn’t have been possible, and all those who took part whatever the category they raced in and whatever their result.

Open Category
1st Pierre Alan Scherwey
6th Dave  Christenson
26th Don MacDonald
28th Dave Cox

29th Peter Bennett
Raoul Berthillon

5th Nathaniel Wallis

40s Men
35th Nicolas Chaste

50s Men
5th Steven “Wongster” Wong
8th Bill Olver
17th Klaus Gohra

And not forgetting the ANZA members racing for the Mavs.  Well done to Yusoff Cummings (7th Open) & Lizzie Hodges.  If I missed anybody else, sorry, and let me know so I can put it right at anzacycling.rti.ed@gmail.com

With Don’s live blogging, Race reports from Dave Cox, the kit design odyssey and the kit launch you have been spoilt this week, so enough from me.

Lets make sure all of you who were able to get your hands on it are wearing your shiny new kit tomorrow to make the rest of us jealous (any for goodness sake, buy the matching bibs and complete the team picture!)

You dont want to damage your new kit so soon in the season, so…

Let’s be careful out there.

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