Tour of Friendship | Day 4

following a 100km transfer after yesterday’s stage, we’re now in another 4* Star hotel in Kabinburi – close to the Cambodia border. Today’s stage is the queen stage – 130km with a 6km climb about 2/3rds into the race. Pierre remains in yellow – with 1.10 lead over Noel Mav and 1:22 over danger man Takei from Singha Infinite.

imageimageimagepierres instructions to the team were simple “I want there to be 1 group when we hit the base of climb and I want it full gas then”. As such, we spent a lot of time on the front again. Roads were good but it was a sweltering 38 degrees all morning. We also had to avoid a horse running across the road at some point.

we put 4 on the front 10km out from the climb and drilled it hard. We were doing 43 at the foothills and then the race blew up. Takei and a champion system attacked on the long, twisty and truck filled ascent and PA chased them down. The rest of us just tried to survive and make it to the end.

Going over the top, Nate dropped his Oakleys and went back for them. The road was under repair at the top which led to us riding a Paris Roubaix style course for 5km. The Peleton was shattered and spread out over a 3km stretch in shrapnel of ones and twos.

The juniors were lucky enough to stop at 105km whilst the rest of us went on for another 30km of rolling hills around a lake. The fun was going out of it by then and for most it was survival mode. Some stopped early or turned before the official uturn but we rode with honour.

Takei attacked Pierre with about 10km to go on one of the rollers. By the end, he had roughly 1:20 and with time bonus seconds could be in yellow. We watch for the results with trepidation.

steven Wong came in 5th in 50s with Bill a couple of places back.

Nico also had a decent day and was riding strong. Let’s see what the results say.

1 day to go 😦 race has been getting better every day. My bowels have had enough of Gels though…

2 thoughts on “Tour of Friendship | Day 4

  1. Nate: Bugger! Canadian sports store MEC offers a terrific pair of glasses with interchangeable lens for $25 Cdn plus $6 per additional lense. Let me know and I can pick you up a pair or two later this month. At least as functional as Oakleys. I lost a pair during the first stage of Bintan 2011 and never looked back, in part because it was raining hard:)

    Well done, all!

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