trophyWhat a great way to start a long weekend, with congratulations to ANZA Cycling’s Guillaume Rondy who is the winner in his age group of the Metasprint Series.  I have said before that I don’t understand why anybody would want to swim before or run after a bike ride but I take my hat off to anybody who can manage to do so!  Enjoy the trophy!

Now, rather than re-writing I will simply copy, so credit to Megan for the hard work of digging out these results.

“Congratulations to everyone who raced in the Metasprint Triathlon, the 3rd and final race in the Metasprint Series for 2015. Once again there were some phenomenal results!

Overall winners of the sprint event were Bret Izzo, Arnaud Selukov and Timothy Cosulich for the guys and Jacquelyn Foley, Vicki Hill and Petro Kuiper for the girls.
There were some fantastic performances by members across all the different AG divisions:
Congratulations to Guillaume Rondy (2nd), AJ Anderson (3rd), Trent Standen (9th), Vicki Hill (1st), Haytham El-Ansary (16th), Petro Kuiper(2nd), Glen Falting (13th), Kari Nore (4th), Steve Whatman, Ian Moore,Francesca Occhipinti, Darren Ma, Gemma Keogh-Peters (7th), Ståle Grindflek Nore, Ruth Stubbs (1st), Jessica McMorris (3rd), Dione Wang(10th), Will Berney, Therese Barker (19th), Rajen Sumo Prabhu, Cameron Fitton, Duncan Howard and Donna McWilliams!

It’s clearly time that Nicole Rondy stepped up to the next distance as she once again brought home a podium! (2nd AG).

The kids also stepped up to the challenge! Congratulations to the Campbell kids, Jackson (2nd – youth) Hugo (8th – kids) Lachlan El-Ansary (10th – kids) and Nora Howard (8th – kids).

Trifactor Swim
There was another slew of great results for the first event in the Trifactor Series last Sunday.
3km event: Chris Rawlings (1st Vet), AJ Anderson (7th), Donna McWilliams (7th), Ruth Stubbs (1st – Vet) and Rajen Prabhu.
1.5km event: Lani Trinka (2nd – Vet), Nicole Rondy (14th) and Duncan Howard
500m: Jackson Campbell (3rd – kids) and Jess McMorris (1st – Vet)
200m: Kai Rawlings (2nd – kids), Nora Howard (5th – kids) and Hugo Campbell!”

Plus, taken from Facebook, Ellen Goense: 4th (I don’t know which race, but congratulations anyway.

Now despite the Trifactor swim (and I know what is there really to write about a swim?) not a lot happened this week, but a lot is happening from Saturday.  The Tour of Friendship kicks off and we have a contingent from ANZA Cycling who have trecked up to Thailand to compete so Don, my trusty co-editor will be producing some daily dispatches from race central, if you want your updates delivered to your inbox don’t forget to follow the blog.  You can do that if you’re reading on a PC by clicking the follow link at the bottom of the right hand sidebar.

Apart from that we have an updated race calendar for you which I’ll endeavour to get into the RTI calendar which you can view on the upcoming events page -> here

Tomorrow (you’ll have finished by the time you read this) we have the usual public holiday RTI and then club breakfast at Dimbulah, Chijmes on Saturday.  So if you’re riding both days, remember you’ll be more tired than normal on Saturday, and…

Let’s be careful out there!

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