Racing Calendar | April

This weekend heralds the arrival of the first major stage race of the year – with Tour of Friendship kicking off in Bangkok. ANZA / Direct Asia teams are well represented with 12 riders roasting in the 40 degree heat of the Thai summer.

The calendar for the rest of the year continues to develop with Cycosports just announcing their Nongsa Classic event in September.

Support the local scene and get yourself signed up for these events.

Race calendar april15

2 thoughts on “Racing Calendar | April

  1. Thanks for the update and in particular for the heads up for the Cycosports Nongsa Classic! I am getting a little confused by your calendar, though.
    Is Nongsa in Malaysia (9 May), in Singapore (26 September), or in Indonesia (Google)?

    Note that there are also two Cycosports Nongsa Classics listed.
    Will it be on 26 September, 30 October, or both?


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