Silly Saturday

crashWe had one of those days last Saturday with multiple accidents.  It was the sort of day that nobody involved in a club wants to see, but sometimes they happen.  We wish everybody a rapid recovery, and simply want to reiterate our usual tag line of “Let’s be careful out there”.


To add to that, I want to remind everybody that the club is paying for each member to have a OneLifeiD which would contain your emergency contact and medical information.  If you haven’t obtained your code from Neridah yet then please do so soon.  We will be asking for the next batch to be manufactured at the end of the month.  We will re-post the OneLifeiD information in RTI and Facebook so you all know what to do.  And if you have got yours already, then wear it!  It’s not much use of you’re on the road and it’s in your bathroom.

On a more positive note, a couple of great articles this week.  An epic tale from the cobbles of Roubaix by Matt Latham who tackled the Roubaix Challenge and tells us just what it’s like to ride those 5 star sections of pavé.  While Steven Wong gives us some great tips on what to do when you’re caught short on the bike lube front at your local hawker centre.


One final thing, in case you missed it, SAVE THE DATE for next Wednesday night 29th April.  There will be a social / quiz / trivia night which may just have an extra surprise….

So, at the risk of repeating myself….
Let’s be careful out there

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