Long Term Review | Lush Protein

For transparency, let’s be upfront – Lush Protein are the “preferred nutrition partner” of Anza Cycling.  Preferred Partner does not equal sponsor and so I can be as honest and unbiased as i want in the review.

Thankfully, Lush have a great product and so there’s no need for sugar coating the review or turning this into a barely disguised infomercial.

Lush Protein are a Singapore based company.  From the range of Whey protein, Amino acids etc I’d guess they were initially more focussed on the body building and weight management side before moving into endurance sports. They buy in bulk, have classy but subtle packaging and only sell direct – as a result they offer some great pricing for their products.

ive been using the Endurance Fuel  http://lushprotein.com/shop/energy/endurancefuel/ product for the past 5 months. First impression when I saw it was “wow – that looks awfully similar to Skratch Labs” product.

lush1 skratch

The Skratch comparison continues on the taste and consistency side also. It’s noticeably lighter and more watery than similar products from Hammer and SiS. Taste wise it kind of reminds me of Vitamin Water. This is a good thing as you can drink gallons of it without the gassy, sickness that sometimes comes with stronger powders. Whilst each scoop contains 20g Carbs, 2.5g Protein and a decent amount of potassium & magnesium, I’ve found that I sometimes need to take additional real food with me on top of the stuff from the bottle. They offer 2 flavours – Lychee/vanilla and Mixed berries/vanilla – and both are excellent, refreshing choices.

Ordering is all online. At $32 for a 1kg 40 scoop bag, it’s an absolute bargain. They deliver direct to the home/office using the cool ‘Ninja van’ delivery service. Always brings a smile to see the SMS announcing that “a ninja is on his way to your office now”.


i can’t recommend the Lush Product enough. It’s easy to get, cheap, tastes good and works well. It’s also local and we should support that.

Anza members get an additional 15% off the already great prices. Ask one of the committee members and we’ll pass you the code if interested. Order away at: http://lushprotein.com/

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