‘Nuf Said

32Ok, so as the title says, we have plenty of reports this week so no need for ramble from me, except…

A special request for one of the many people who feel the weekly need to push the pace of the Changi 32 to step up, step forward and lead a new Changi 34 (call it 33.5 if you like) and have mercy on those of us who are happy with our good old Changi 32.  Some of us didn’t even make it up Adam road last week before giving up because the pace was not 32 average pace.

On to the good stuff!  This week, the Triathlon brigade break their traditional Omerta and tell us what happens during those long Ironman sufferfests.

We finally get an answer that should see an end to the disgraceful problem of upside down bikes.

And race reports galore from Pasir Gudang.

There are no closed roads so your weekend should be trouble free.

And with that I leave you with just one thought for the weekend…

Why do we never pass any winners on Old Upper Thompson Road?  Answers on a postcard to ANZACycling.rti.ed@gmail.com and

Let’s be careful out there.

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