Cycosports Pasir Gudang | Cat 2 Alternative View

Peter McQuade

Woke up at stupid o’clock and rode to the Cycosports chartered bus at the Turf club. Bus left by 5.45am and seemed like just a few minutes to get to the Border. Bikes were all over the bus and getting on and off required navigating around a few of them.


Hardly anyone else was at customs and immigration so we all got through pretty quickly. We arrived at the venue by about 7am and unloaded the bikes.


Cat 2 race was at 9am so I just sat around and waited a while before warming up. We were allowed one lap of the course before the race, I also did a lap before the Cat 3 race to get familiar with the course.

The Cat 2 race was eventually underway with a field of about 50 riders and even before I crossed the start line someone fell off their bike which was worrying. Luckily this was the only incident.


The race was 11 laps of about 4k each. I hovered around the back for the first 2 laps shaking out the nerves and getting a feel for it. Some guys were so relaxed early on it looked like they were at a party.


This guy was trying to eat my rear camera during the race so I took off and got involved in a few failed break attempts to pass the time.


Most of the race Craig was on my wheel, the camera doesn’t lie J


As I mentioned earlier there were a number of failed break away attempts. Each was chased down dragging the whole bunch back in the process. The Mavericks had the numbers and were involved in just about every attack.

Towards the end of the race the sky was getting dark and the race was also hotting up with guys taking risks to overtake.


On the last lap with about 30 riders still left in contention it started to rain and got pretty heavy by the final chicane before the finish line. I was a bit far back in the pack and not prepared to take risks in the wet to move up so was out of contention for a podium so had to race for the best place I could get. Managed to get about 16th and crossed the line in pouring rain.

In short, the Mavs controlled things. In the sprint Craig went too early and blew up, I went too late and was too far back and Hish got it right but cant sprint. Mavs had the numbers and timed it right in the end


I was somewhat happy with my race, could have done better but no else cares so all is good.

After watching the Women and the Cat 1’s race in the wet we all rode back to the Cycosports Chartered bus in the rain and waited a little bit for the guys in charge to load them. My bike needed some rain to wash off all the sweat from the weekend so I was ok with this. I was originally planning on riding back to Singapore but didn’t feel like riding through JB in the rain having my tyres sliced up and then spending 2 days cleaning off all the crap afterwards. The bus was good. On the way back we all went through customs and immigration all wet in our bike gear clip clopping along in our bike shoes. Was pretty funny.


Kudos to Cycosports for putting on this race.

A complete video of the race from the bike can be seen here

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