A special reminder for every ride but particularly this weekend”

When we wear the jersey, we are “The Club”.  We are courteous to all other road users and we avoid confrontation.

Nobody wants to see a Stomp video of ANZA riders weaving in a disorganized rabble through a queue of cars full of people waiting to pay their respects to Lee Kuan Yew.  Please pay special attention to keeping the groups in a tight bunch and if you need to filter through traffic keep it in a neat single file line please.  Your coffee will wait for you.

With that said the word from Dave “Road Report” Powell is:

Saturday will see minor roads, and lanes of major roads around parliament house closed.  List of affected roads does not extend to Stamford Rd (Changi ride) although with large crowds expected you can be sure the roads will be busy.  Would pay to keep the groups small and tightly bunched to avoid the impression of cyclists being all over the road.  (There is a video of just that going viral at the moment – it wasn’t ANZA, but it could have been as we ride the same road/juction that the video was shot at).

 Sunday is the final service for LKY at NUS.  The cremation will be after that at Mandai.  The Sunday rides should be well clear of the area and home by then.  In any case, if Mandai Rd is closed, we can continue on Mandai Ave until Upper Thomson Rd, and head south from there.

On a less serious note Dick Turpin has provided the other side of last weeks dastardly deeds story, and with that balance is restored and it seems all is fair in love, war and KOMs. Good to see Mao Zedong making an appearance in RTI for the 1st time too.

Wednesday night’s Picotin drinks session proved a big hit but the most commonly asked question seemed to be “when is the new kit coming out”. Just want to give you the good news that the 2015 design was finalised this week and has now moved to manufacturing. Expect to see it launched around late April / early May.

The beers also opened up  a few pent up frustrations regarding a couple of rides being “ripped apart” recently by stronger riders. I’ll not name or shame but if you’re currently riding something where you’re able to drop the group at will or spend 90% of the time on the front, then it might be time to step up to a faster group…. The Changi 34 and Fast Kranji always welcomes new riders 🙂

Stay safe out there & be especially respectful over this weekend.

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