Not Another Kranji | NUS

The sprint/grind (delete as applicable) up SBV usually marks the end of hostilities of a Kranji. It’s the point where the adrenaline drops and thoughts start turning to carrot cake and how to kiasu your way to the front of the coffee queue…

The top of SBV also offers other delights which few ever seem to experience. A quick left turn at the top and you’re into the NUS University campus which offers a wide variety of little loops. especially good for early morning mid-week rides when you want something short & sharp or just to cruise in an area with minimal lights and traffic.


A left turn at the traffic lights at top of SBV leads you to the first surprise – the true peak of SBV! Most of us are unaware but SBV actually offers up some additional climbing for those that are game. Go left at the traffic lights and then straight on – this will give you an additional 200m of distance and 6 meters more of vertical ascent. The true peak of SBV – it’s in a non-descript carpark!

SBV to carpark


A more interesting ride comes if you go left at the SBV top lights and then immediately left again. This will take you on a fast sweeping descent through the NUS uni campus. The next 1.5Km is mostly downhill until you get towards to main NUS Guild House faculty buildings. Good news is that the treacherous old grate – which claimed a lot of front wheels and front teeth! – has now been removed and it’s totally safe to ride. Hang a right at the foot of the hills and then a left to get onto Pasir Panjang road and follow this all the way back to the foot of SBV. Doing it early in the morning will also bring the sounds of the annoying cockerel on Pasir Pajang – a true sign that you’re there early! Total loop back to SBV foot is 5.4km and it’ll take you about 10 minutes.


There’s also the chance to extend the loop slightly at the NUS Guild House turn to head up towards Clementi Road. This adds another 2km, another power climb and takes you up down the Saturday 5.15 killing fields hill on Clementi Road.

extended NUS


Going straight at the top of SBV takes you down to the 2nd set of traffic lights – typically were we wait for the stragglers on a Saturday morning. Going left at these lights brings you into the NUS Hospital grounds which also has a nice loop. The loop is only 4.2km long but includes 4 little punchy hills, some fast downhills, 2 sections of cobbles before finishing with a punishing thrust up the backside of SBV.



There’s also a little known climb hidden at the foot of SBV – called Pasir Panjang hill which is about 50m from the usual climb start point. It’s only 300m long but at an average of 5% – it’s a good heart starter. As so few people ride it, its also an easier one to get a good Strava position on for the KoM hunters out there…

pasir panjang

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