Two Wongs don’t make it right

RANTIt is a week of reminders and rants.  The picture here is what Don and me look like on a Thursday evening after a club funded trip when the RTI mailbox is empty.

We tried a few subtle hints, but we forgot that this is a cycling club of predominantly road cyclists and as such you all need clear instructions, preferably backed up with a .gpx file that you can load onto you Garmin fandango.

The club is delighted to be able to help fund club trips that are open to all members to join.  the quid pro quo for this is that one or more people on the trip agree to write an article for either RTI, the ANZA magazine or both.  Short, long, funny, serious, it doesn’t matter, but we want something to share with the rest of the members so they can see what’s going on. So next time you’re on a club trip, take your Apple iSlab with you and on the journey home or in the bar afterwards let your creative juices flow.

And so, on to the second rant, or perhaps a rule reminder.

Rule #67

// Do your time in the wind.

Nobody likes a wheel sucker. You might think you’re playing a smart tactical game by letting everyone else do the work while you sit on, but races (even Town Sign Sprints) are won through cooperation and spending time on the rivet, flogging yourself and taking risks. Riding wheels and jumping past at the end is one thing and one thing only: poor sportsmanship.

Dastardly Steven Wong plots his next evil infringement of the rules.

On to the content…  The gentleman cyclist received a question that has been baffling many in the club for the past few weeks, and we have another epic Pete Bennett / Dave Cox double act write up of last weeks Frasers trip.

No road closures to be concerned about this week, so have a great riding weekend and…
Let’s be careful out there.

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