Threadbare shorts week

bad shortsNothing worse than being on a ride and noticing that the rider in front has a pair of shorts that have potentially seen better days. The threadbare rear showing a bit too much skin and even some crack in extreme cases.

Puts a whole new spin on “Assos” shorts..

RTI is a bit like those threadbare shorts this week. Content is at a minimum as we graciously await the deluge of ride reports from this weeks Genting club trip 🙂

Knowing that some of you base your entire Friday around the RTI, we did force something out & so todays slender edition has a couple of articles. Maybe use those extra minutes that we’ve now freed up to register for some of the upcoming races – Cycosports, Cycle Singapore and OCBC Cycle!

Inital feedback on the new coffee place was mostly very positive so it’s likely that the experiment will be continued this week. Stay tuned for an update on FB to confirm that.

Keep the rubber side up & the arse cracks covered!

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